10th anniversary of Kirkos — CONCERT 3


We would love to see you for a four day celebration of the first ten years of Kirkos. From July 28 to 31, it will be an offbeat and musically adventurous way to spend the bank holiday weekend. It’s all free (although reservations are recommended) and centered around our informal venue Unit 44 on Prussia Street, between Stoneybatter and Cabra.

Events include:

— an installation performance marking the recent launch of Susan Geaney’s Tape Melt
— the Dublin premiere of Eimear Walshe’s Land Cruiser
– Dublin’s first, and possibly last, “Fluxus Open Mic” (all are welcome to participate, if you dare)
– A trip to nearby Phoenix Park for outdoor performances of music by Robert Coleman and Karen Power
— and three concerts performed by Kirkos. These concerts include performances of newly commissioned works from some of our dearest collaborators: Robbie Blake, Éna Brennan and Jonathan Nangle.

SUNDAY 31 [8PM]:

The third and final concert in Unit 44 of the 10th Anniversary Festival

Robbie Blake – New Commission [World Premiere]

Aine Mallon – Between Moments [World Premiere]

This meditative piece serves as a quiet moment for performers and audiences to breathe and practice mindful musical meditation. The audience is encouraged to set an intention if they wish and to participate in the meditation, inhaling (for 4 beats/seconds) and exhaling (for 6 beats/seconds) throughout the piece.
This corresponds to the video element of the work. The room should encompass a soothing atmosphere. Although it’s marked at a strict quarter note = 60 to align with the 10-second breath (4 inhales and 6 exhales), if performers waste time or make a mistake with the music, that’s fine; the atmosphere and the intention of the work must take precedence over any formal minutia.

Fredric Rzewski – Coming Together

Frederic Rzewski composed Coming Together in response to the 1971 uprising at Attica Correctional Institution. The text of the works is based on testimonies, Samuel Melville, who participated in the riot. Rzewski condemns the government crackdown on the uprising through depictions of prisoners and prison.

Jennifer Walshe – A Gléacht [Screening with Improvised Score]

A combination of subliminal tapes and films with film footage showing a sequence of occult rituals. The screening of the film is accompanied by a live improvised musical performance.

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