3 ways to relax after a run

After completing an intense run, it’s important that you take time to decompress and recalibrate. Above all, it will help you maintain good physical and mental health for an extended period of time.

Relaxing after running is not always an easy task. If you want to achieve this crucial feat in a very effective way, it is recommended to follow the tips given below.

Take care of your body

During the period immediately following your run, it is recommended that you take the time to take care of your body. The sooner you complete this very important task, the faster you will recover and, therefore, the easier it will be for you to relax.

How you relax after your run is just as important as how you warm up before. Here are six recovery practices that will help you take care of your body in the most effective way possible:

  1. Eat combinations of post-race snacks high in complex carbohydrates and protein:

— Plain bagels with almond butter

– Not fat yogurt with whole grains and fresh berries

— Protein bars that contain a carbohydrate to protein ratio of 3:1

— Whole grain cookies and a few slices of cheese

  1. Stretch your legs while your muscles are still warm
  2. Walk for a short time after running
  3. Take an ice bath
  4. Get a massage
  5. To try foam lamination

Detach yourself from the world around you

Every time you run for an extended period of time, you release a number of endorphins in your brain. For the most part, these chemicals will improve your mood and make you feel good about yourself. However, they will also make you feel more alert and in tune with your surroundings, which isn’t good news when you’re trying to rest, decompress, or sleep.

In order to truly relax after your run, you need to find a way to calm your mind. Detaching yourself from the world around you is one way to achieve this very important feat. This will help you refocus and recalibrate your thought process, which in turn will help you regain balance during your downtime.

When trying to detach yourself from your surroundings, choosing a distracting hobby is highly recommended. By immersing yourself in an activity that requires your full attention, you’ll be less likely to worry about what’s going on around you. Ultimately, this is sure to provide your mind with a sufficient amount of respite.

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Embrace meditation

Meditation is another great way to detach yourself from the world around you. By adopting this rewarding habit, you’ll be sure to reap a host of physical and mental health benefits, all of which will aid you in your attempt to relax after running.

For one, meditation will provide you with the platform you need to maintain a healthy cognitive balance in your life, which will help you stay calm and focused during your post-run downtime. Additionally, meditating regularly will also lower your blood pressure and ultimately help you recover from your runs much more effectively.

If you’ve never meditated before, you may find it difficult to master this exercise when you first adopt it. As a beginner in the field of meditation, it is recommended to:

  1. Find yourself a safe space where you won’t be distracted or disturbed
  2. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position
  3. Close your eyes or consider investing in a cooling eye mask
  4. Don’t think too much about your breathing; just relax and try to breathe naturally
  5. Focus on how your body moves every time you breathe
  6. Once you find a rhythm with your breathing, try inhaling for four seconds, holding your breath for eight seconds, and exhaling for seven seconds.
  7. Repeat this breathing exercise 5-10 times (or until you feel relaxed) before slowly opening your eyes on the final exhale.

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