6 free online exercise classes to do with the whole family

Many of us have spent a lot of time standing still in recent years, including children. Some studies indicate that sitting for an extended period of time may pose health risks. So just getting a small amount of daily exercise can make a huge difference to you and your family.

Here’s a list of YouTube channels and playlists that feature the best online exercise classes the whole family can take together. They’re fun and free, so get your kids moving and trying them out!

The homepage of the Body Coach TV YouTube channel

The Body Coach TV is one of the most popular fitness channels on YouTube, run by Joe Wicks. Joe’s channel is popular because of the wide range of workout series it offers, from yoga for beginners and home fat burners to dumbbell workouts and workout challenges for seniors.

However, the highlight of his channel is the endless amount of family-friendly exercises available. The kid-friendly workouts on Joe’s channel are part of a series called PE with Joe. These free online fitness programs are fun for the whole family, as they last just 30 minutes and are packed with pretty basic exercises.

Joe recently added a workout series for young kids called The Workout Badges with Hey Duggee & Joe Wicks. These exercises are great for encouraging kids to practice, as they will earn a badge if they complete the exercise movement.

Whether you’re 5 or 50, grab your sneakers and get the whole family moving.


Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube Channel Homepage

If it’s hard to get your kids moving without the promise of total fun, then Cosmic Kids Yoga is for you! The advantage of these online yoga classes is the number of videos available, all of which differ in length and target different age groups.

Choose from a range of fun lessons based on different movies, TV shows, holidays and more. If you’re looking for a fun yoga class for toddlers, try the quick 10-minute Pirate Adventure class. And if you have older kids, the Sonic The Hedgehog or Frozen class would suit them best.

Jaime, the energetic presenter, is fantastic at keeping kids of all ages engaged, and she does a great job of clearly explaining all the yoga poses.

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Lay out your yoga mat and join an enchanting and soothing yoga class with the whole family today.

Go Noodle Get Moving YouTube Channel

Move your body as well as your brain with the GoNoodle YouTube channel. Kids will love these classes filled with energetic moves and crazy dances. Plus, they’ll learn something along the way. There are countless playlists available filled with interactive, guided videos the whole family can make at home, all of which include tunes you can sing along to and bright backgrounds.

With a wide range of videos for all kids who want to have fun, the GoNoodle channel is energetic enough to get anyone moving and grooving. The channel not only offers dance videos but also fitness classes with intense and engaging workouts.

Some of GoNoodle’s popular videos include learning to dab with Blazer Fresh and a more calming guided meditation video to help kids learn to control their stressful energy.

Make GoNoodle part of your family’s fitness routine, and everyone’s heart will beat faster!

Andy's Wild Workouts YouTube Playlist

Although the CBeebies YouTube channel isn’t all about exercise, Andy’s Wild Workouts is a fantastic playlist filled with entertaining videos for the whole family. Hosted by Andy, each video is short enough to fascinate young children and fun enough to keep everyone moving.

The best thing about these workouts is Andy himself, as his crazy goofy energy is perfect for kids. Besides the host, the videos are full of natural backgrounds, making the exercises a learning experience.

If you like to travel with the little ones and learn a few moves, you will certainly not be disappointed. You’ll cruise through delicious locations including the African savannah, arctic, rainforest, beach, mountains, and even under the sea. You’ll be happy to know that each video includes a bit of a warm-up and cool-down as well.

Start your adventure around the world with Andy and entertain your whole family with these workouts.

PE Bowman YouTube Channel

Surprisingly, PE Bowman’s YouTube channel doesn’t get much attention, but it should because its videos are entertaining and full of unique energy exercises.

The PE Bowman channel was started by a physical education teacher whose goal was to create interactive workout videos for the whole family. These online exercise classes are simple enough to do from the comfort of your own home, and they’re engaging enough for the whole family to enjoy.

With such a range of videos featuring captivating animations, it’s hard to keep up; fortunately, the children are there to get you moving! PE Bowman has lots of entertaining content for all ages, from a mosquito slay, dino dash and space adventure workout to a hula hoop hop and even an activity where you pretend the ground is lava.

Start every new day with a fun workout at home with the Bowman family.

Get moving with Disney Channel workout videos

Having trouble getting your kids involved and moving? They’ll be inspired when they see these awesome Disney family workout videos! These videos make exercise fun for the whole family with the Disney movies they’re inspired by. Not only that, but they are quite easy and simple for young children to follow.

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Some Disney favorites that appear in these videos include The Lion King, The Incredibles, Moana, The Jungle Book, Mulan, and Peter Pan. Each Disney-inspired video is approximately 10 minutes long, ensuring little ones won’t be distracted. They even include famous parts from each movie, like when Rafiki holds Simba and when Mulan climbs the wooden pole to retrieve the arrow.

Start moving with the Disney family; kids will love these easy and fun exercises, and so will you.

Get your whole family moving with these workouts

Keeping you and your kids active can be tough, and it’s also a lot of work to find online classes and workout videos that are free, fun, and age-appropriate for your child. It doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore with these six free online courses and workout videos the whole family will love.

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