Alanis Morisette New Album 2022: Neither Pop, nor Rock, but THAT

Alanis Morissette will soon release a new album, which will deviate from her usual genres of indie rock or pop. Instead, she’s set to release a meditation album.

But then, it’s also no surprise that she chose to release a meditation album now.

The 47-year-old singer’s new album, “The Storm Before the Calm”, will take her listeners through eleven different meditations. This is quite timely as the number of people who believe meditations are necessary these days and those who indulge in them is increasing over the years.

This is also Morisette’s state of mind at the moment – she is in a phase where the meditations are really helping her a lot. Those who don’t care about meditations are simply those who don’t need them yet.

Alanis shared, “Meditation rests my inner self to the point where I can access ideas, visions and inspirations – I can hear my own capital S self.” She added, “Music, to me, is like a portal of sorts, an invitation into a state of being that I’m not normally in. Making the record has kept me super connected and accountable during COVID, when I felt like I was just going to fade away and fly away.”

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On June 17, “The Storm Before The Calm” will be available on many streaming platforms and on the popular mental health app Calm.

Alanis also found that meditation helped her deal with her travel issues.

She shared that whenever she found herself in certain busy and overly stimulating environments, she found herself returning to the hotel to meditate. Frequently, she inserts a physical or somatic practice, such as yoga or stretching, which allows her to better reconnect with her body.

Alanis has previously spoken about her passion for meditation, saying it has helped her immensely over the years.

She added that when she started meditating, her first step would be to first embrace her fears and face them.

The singer said writing music and meditating work the same way for her. She described how meditation and songwriting helped her overcome many obstacles.

The ‘Hand in My Pocket’ hitmaker remarked, “Whenever something bubbled up – I didn’t know how to process it because I was too young – I wrote a song.”

Morissette has been singing for 25 years about economic and sexual exploitation by men. Because such abuse has never really gone away to this day, which is why all of his songs sound so classic and still resonate over time. In a previous interview, she revealed that her songs had several themes of abuse – “pain and division, trust, exploitation, misogyny, lack of integrity, sociopathy and narcissism”. She shared that she is still healing from past robbery and unspecified sexual assaults.

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