Apple Fitness + Adds Group Workouts So You Can Work Out With Friends Via SharePlay


Apple’s fitness subscription service will soon make it easier for you to take a virtual class with your friends and family. The new feature, dubbed Group Workouts, will arrive on Apple Fitness + later this fall and will be powered by Apple’s SharePlay feature in iOS 15.

Apple announced SharePlay during iOS 15 preview a few months ago and it lets you do things like watch a video with friends on a call. Likewise, the feature will allow Apple Fitness + users to take exercise classes with contacts, regardless of their location. During the class, you will see some of your friends’ fitness data on your screen as well as when they close their activity rings. And the feature will support up to 32 people at a time, so you can throw a yoga party with your whole extended family.

Apple will also be bringing a handful of small updates to Fitness + this fall. Pilates workouts will come to the service, along with guided meditation routines that will also be available in audio-only format. Fans of winter sports might want to check out Apple’s workout collection titled “Prepare for the Snow Season,” which appears to prepare the body for activities like skiing and snowboarding.

Most of the new features will be available with the launch of watchOS 8 and iOS 15, although we may have to wait a bit longer for group workouts as it’s unclear if SharePlay will be fully available in the premiere. iOS version 15. Apple said in August that viewing SharePlay would likely be postponed until later in the fall. Apple Fitness + will also be available in 15 new countries this fall, including Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Mexico and more, with workouts available in English with subtitles in six. different languages.

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