Apple’s MagSafe wallet for iPhone helped me ditch my ‘Costanza’ wallet


When Apple reintroduced the MagSafe brand with the iPhone 12, it opened the door to many unique and useful accessories to enhance the experience. One of the most obvious, but unexpected, options to arrive was the Apple MagSafe Wallet.

It’s basically a leather card slot that magnetically attaches to the back of your iPhone, while still being able to carry up to three cards at the same time. However, after the introduction of Apple’s AirTags, many of us have wondered why Apple hasn’t implemented this in the MagSafe wallet.

This has led third-party accessory manufacturers to introduce new wallets or accessories in which to insert your AirTag. Then, if you’ve misplaced your wallet, you can use AirTag and the Find My app to find out where your wallet ended up.

With the iPhone 13, Apple rectified those qualms with an updated version of the MagSafe Wallet. Design-wise, it looks exactly like the one released with the iPhone 12. The biggest difference here is in the new color options:

  • Black cherry
  • Sequoia Green
  • Midnight
  • Wisteria

But we quickly learned that more was happening than it looks with this updated MagSafe Wallet. Somehow, Apple has managed to implement Find My Network Compatibility, meaning you no longer need to rely on third-party accessories or wallets.

The way the Find My integration works is actually pretty neat. Whenever the wallet is detached from your iPhone, you will receive a notification telling you where it is. When I use the wallet it has become an occasional annoyance, only because it usually happens when I am at home.

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I understand the reasoning behind this “all or nothing” mindset, but I wish there was an option to turn it off in some places. Nonetheless, it’s still there and vibrates your Apple Watch or iPhone to let you know you should probably turn around and grab your wallet.

The MagSafe 2021 wallet still has the same three cards as last year’s model, and you could probably push it to four cards if you really needed to. But that would require you to stretch the leather, with the risk of your cards falling out even with the wallet attached.

One thing I noticed almost immediately is that, at least to me, the magnets in this MagSafe wallet seem stronger than before. Whether I’m carrying Apple’s leather wallet with MagSafe or going without a case, the wallet doesn’t feel like it’s falling when it goes into a pocket.

The biggest issue with using the MagSafe Wallet compared to something like Nomad’s Card Wallet with Card for AirTag is the aforementioned Find My integration. Yes, you can get an approximate location of where your wallet may have been left behind.

However, you won’t be able to track it down the way you can with an AirTag, so you won’t get any of those nifty AR directions on your iPhone to point you in the right direction. All of this means that if your wallet is stolen, it will be bad news. But if you forget it somewhere, Find My will tell you where to go so you can get it back before it’s too late.

If you already own last year’s MagSafe Wallet, you can probably hang on to it for now. If you’ve gone for a combination like Nomad’s Card Wallet with Card for AirTag, you’d also better stick with that just because of the improved Find My features provided by AirTag.

The new MagSafe Wallet is for those who tend to lose things, want one of the new color options, and don’t already have one. Additionally, those who haven’t upgraded to the iPhone 13 will still be able to use this new wallet as it is MagSafe compatible and not limited to a specific iPhone model. All five colors are currently available at many of your favorite retailers, and they can be purchased for $ 59.


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