Arcade Fire Seems To Tease New Music With Cryptic Postcards Sent To Fans

It looks like Arcade Fire might be teasing the arrival of new music if the cryptic postcards they’ve started sending fans are anything to go by.

Earlier today (March 3), a fan took to Reddit to share an image of a postcard with what appears to be the band’s logo.

“I received this in the mail today,” user BordonGrown wrote. “Black box covering my address. The logo at the bottom looks like the band… Anyone else got one?

I received a postcard. arcadefire

The front of the postcard features a musical staff filled with notes, and above it a message that reads: “We missed you”.

One fan once tried to decipher the notes using an acoustic guitar, playing what he thinks the song might sound like and sharing it on SoundCloud.

Elsewhere, stickers with the same design have been spotted around London.

“I saw the post from u/BordonGrown on the postcard this morning,” Reddit user Chapperdeemus wrote, sharing a snap of a sticker on a bridge railing with Tower Bridge in the background. . “Just walked past this sticker in London! Looks like something is going on!!

I saw the u/BordonGrown post on the postcard this morning. I just walked past this sticker in London! It looks like something is going on!! arcadefire

Arcade Fire’s last studio album was 2017’s “Everything Now”. In a five-star review, NMEBarry Nicolson of ‘s said the Canadian rocker artists were “bigger, bolder and more fearful than ever on their colossal fifth album”.

Last year, the band shared a new 45-minute song called “Memories Of The Age of Anxiety” for a meditation and sleep app.

The instrumental was created for the Headspace app, which offers meditation and mindfulness skills “on everything from managing daily stress and anxiety to sleep, focus and mind-body health. “.

In October 2020, leader Win Butler said Rick Rubin’s Broken Record podcast that the group had recorded “two or three” albums during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Butler recently penned an op-ed in which he discusses the issues surrounding Spotify and his current situation with Joe Rogan.

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