Britons would rather clean the house or exercise than have sex, study finds

A startling new study has found that the nation would much rather clean the house than have sex.

More than a quarter (26 percent) said cleaning their home was their preferred method of relieving stress, according to research by cleaning expert Dr. Beckmann.

Training took the top spot, with 34% of people choosing to reduce stress through exercise, while only 17% chose sex to relax and unwind.

The research marks International Stress Awareness Week (November 1-5). Dr. Beckmann surveyed 2,000 of his clients to find out what methods they used to relieve stress, with meditation and reading coming last.

  1. Exercise (34%)
  2. Cleaning (27%)
  3. Gender (17%)
  4. Meditation (13%)
  5. Reading (9%)

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“Cleaning has been widely reported as an effective method to help relax and relieve stress and due to the past 18 difficult months it has become more popular than ever in our homes,” said Susan Fermor, spokesperson. by Dr Beckmann.

“It’s revealing and funny that the nation is opting for bedroom cleaning, rather than using it for something a little more intimate with its other half, as a method of relieving stress.”

Cleaning the house can release endorphins that create a more positive state of mind. Whether it’s vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, or running around the house to tidy up the clutter, house cleaning has many additional benefits that are usually associated with exercise.

Additionally, they also found that nine out of 10 people said having a dirty or messy home had an impact on their overall mood. Another quarter said having a poorly maintained home was detrimental to their productivity.

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