Calm App Review 2022: A Meditation App Worth The Cost

Although there are a good number of meditation apps in the market, Calm is a bit different from the others. From its neuroscience-inspired origins, light-hearted use of pop culture, and polished aesthetic, Calm looks like the cool spiritual uncle you want to hang out with.

The Calm app was founded in 2012 by Alex Tew and Michael Acton Smith. According to a report from Inc., the app’s origin story begins with Smith’s burnout and a large dose of skepticism around the “woo-woo” of meditation. But after cultivating his own mindfulness practice and learning more about the neuroscience behind meditation, Smith was convinced it was the right goal for his next business venture. Over the years, Calm’s popularity has grown, winning Apple’s “App of the Year” in 2017. With over 4 million users, Calm continues to receive accolades on the App Store (4 .8 stars) and Google Play Store (4.4 stars).

In general, accessing meditation and mindfulness through an app is far more convenient than finding a meditation studio, driving there, sitting for 30-60 minutes, and driving home. If your goal is to make meditation and mindfulness a daily habit, using an app lowers the barrier, making your mindfulness practice as convenient as possible. With Calm, you simply sit down wherever you are, open the app, and select a Calm meditation.

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