Chewing slowly, exercising, hygiene and other little habits that can make a change in your lifestyle


Staying in shape doesn’t always mean physically. Mental health is just as important. Small habits can lead to positivity and good vibes. We tend to forget that basic needs such as a healthy diet, a good quality of sleep, personal hygiene, are all important reasons for well-being and happiness.Also read – Lifestyle Changes and Tips to Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

On Instagram, Lavleen Kaur, a dietitian, shares valuable information on how little habits can make a lifestyle change. Its caption read “Lifestyle is a process, not an outcome. 1% every day the progress becomes noticeable over a year or several years! Keep patience ”, with a smiley emoticon. Also Read – IVF Treatment: Food & Diet Tips For Those Trying To Conceive Through IVF

Check out the Instagram post here:

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Here are the Suggestions:

Focus on a positive outlook and attitude towards health:

  1. Work to gain strength,
  2. Endurance,
  3. Energy,
  4. Feel light and happy,
  5. Better digestion,
  6. Quality sleep
  7. Mental hygiene, not just on a digital scale (weight loss)

Improve gut health and reduce inflammation with a well-balanced, quality diet:

  1. No refined, processed and preserved foods
  2. Yes to adequate exercise and meditation

Develop sustainable habits and practice on a daily basis:

  1. Respect nature’s clock and keep pace with the body
  2. Chew slowly
  3. Turn off gadgets 60 minutes before going to bed and upon waking up
  4. Keep a food and lifestyle diary to keep track
  5. Hydrate yourself.

Dietitian Lavleen says, “General guidelines can make positive changes without side effects.


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