Classical music involves peace, harmony, spirituality, says Amaan

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Classical music involves peace, meditation and spirituality; it cannot be compared to Bollywood songs of rap music, says Aman Ali Bangash, son of Sarod maestro Amjad Ali Khan.

Amaan who was in Bhopal on Saturday to perform at Hriday Drishyam, a two-day music festival held in the city.

Amaan is the old block chip. Although in its spring it takes audiences to the peak of ultimate joy.

He tells the media that Bollywood acts and rap music have their own market. People love them. Still, if young people don’t like classical music, it’s the fault of social networks, as well as that of musicians who want more practice.

Such musicians must take their audience to the pinnacle of joy where the senses stop and a listener mingles with the Muse and only then can they appeal to young people, he says. Again, people of all ages love Ghazals, especially those of Jagjit Singh.

He says he did not create any new Raga in Sarod. He also did not link his way of playing this instrument to any Gharana. Gharana doesn’t matter. What matters is the instrument you play. An instrument itself is a Gharana, he says.

According to Amaan, since he plays the Sarod, it’s his Gharana. Because if a particular style of playing a musical instrument or singing a song is confined to any Gharana, it limits its scope.

All the musical instruments are fantastic; they take the listener to a different world where peace and harmony reign, he says.

According to Amaan, regarding the controversy at the Tansen Music Festival in Gwalior, one organization may like a particular musician, others may like someone else, but it shouldn’t matter much.

There hasn’t been a shift in classical music that exudes meaning and sensitivity, but to create that, what it takes is practice, he says.

If a musician practices more and more, they hone their skills that cause that feeling. Yet if a musician speaks only of finer feelings and refrains from practicing, he is unable to create the kind of cheerfulness that keeps the audience spellbound, says Amaan.

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Posted: Sunday March 13th 2022, 00:27 IST

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