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New Delhi: The Delhi government celebrated ‘Happiness Utsav’ on Friday to mark four years since the implementation of the happiness program in its schools. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that over the past seven years over Rs 90,000 crore has been spent in the education sector. However, it was not an expense, but an investment.
Mentioning that the happiness program had changed the lives of thousands of students, who were now able to recognize and identify their talents, Kejriwal said, “The Delhi government teaches students to be better human beings, to devote in the country and to be capable enough to earn for their families. Children studying in Delhi government schools will become prime ministers and chief ministers in the future. They will become top doctors and engineers and lead the nation. Our students will give a positive and nurturing atmosphere to society. The Happiness program aims to make children happier, recognize their potential and become better humans. »
Emphasizing that the Happiness lessons helped relieve students of academic and parental pressure, the CM said, “The lessons made the students feel more confident. We have also launched entrepreneurship courses, which have worked wonders in removing academic pressure. Previously, students believed that if they were unable to get good grades, they would not get jobs or admission to good courses. Now they have the confidence to start their own business. The practice of rote learning must also be abolished.
Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said, “We have worked to change the infrastructure of our schools, built new ones, classrooms and renovated dilapidated buildings. Not only have our schools become great, but academic results have improved over time.
Referring to a study on global models of education to understand the work on social-emotional learning, Sisodia said: “In our study, we found that the initiative taken in the form of the happiness program to make students of better human beings has not been done elsewhere before. We accepted this as a challenge and took on the responsibility of teaching children in schools to be happy and good human beings.
“Based on this program and practice, we aim to make good professionals as well as good human beings. In Delhi, we have taken on this responsibility. Now the education system of the country and the world must take on this responsibility,” Sisodia said.
The event also saw a session by Sister BK Shivani, practitioner and teacher of Rajyoga meditation.


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