Drake and Beyonce return with house music, the Internet reacts

Drake and Beyoncé flipping the script and dropping house music are having the internet talking.

On Monday, June 20, Beyoncé released her first single in years, “Break My Soul,” from her upcoming album. Renaissance. The lively dance record features outtakes from Robin S.’s 1990 hit “Show Me Live” and Big Freedia’s 2014 “Explode.” The Tricky Stewart and The-Dream produced record sounds distinctly house, with many on social media pointing out that Bey is capitalizing on the wave of the genre, just like Drake did on his new album Honestly it doesn’t matter, which is also filled with home aesthetics. The internet weighed in on the two megastars trying out a new genre.

“Beyoncé and Drake are smart about making house music,” one person tweeted. “The world needs healing right now. There is a spiritual war going on and it will help people through it.”

Some people assumed that Drake knew Bey was going to start a house project and dropped the former to make it seem like he was the originator of the idea.

“Drake said y’all would make it up to you knowing Beyoncé released a house album…my son really is a Scorpio,” another person added.

Other Twitter users denounced the hypocrisy of people hating Drake’s attempt at home but praising Beyoncé for the move.

“You can’t criticize Drake for having a House inspired album but hype Beyonce for it lol,” someone else tweeted. “They’re both entering an era in black music history that hasn’t been touched in a while. Respect to them both for trying to create a new vibe for our generation.”

Drake is new Honesty, it doesn’t matter The album received mixed reactions when the surprise project was released last week, with many Drizzy fans put off by the change in style. Drake even reacted to the backlash on Instagram.

“It’s okay if you haven’t figured it out yet. It’s okay,” Drake said in an Instagram video. “We’re doing it. We’re waiting for you to catch up with us. We’re here, though. We’re already caught up. Let’s move on. My God.”

Watch more reactions to Drake and Beyoncé releasing new house music below.

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