Dustin Martin’s Fitness app is the key to peak performance

No man exemplifies peak performance better than Dusty. He tears it up on the pitch, parties like a fucking champ and makes it look easy. While few in God’s green earth will ever know what it’s like to be one of the AFL’s greatest players of this generation, now you can get a taste of the lifestyle. from Dustin Martin with DRIP: a brand new all-in-one fitness app launched by the man himself (eat your heart out, Hemsworth).

In the wake of medalist Brownlow and the three-time premiership player’s return from injury with the Richmond Football Club, Dustin Martin has launched this “AI-powered fitness solution” to provide everyday bettors with the same workout of high level that made him the world-class athlete we know and love today via the app.

Developed over 18 months by Michael & Maria Kathopoulis – the creators of the award-winning football coaching app On The Ball Global (see: here) – in partnership with Dustin’s manager Ralph Carr, DRIP brought in elite sports scientists and personal trainers to meet all fitness goals and levels.

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DRIP offers customizable workouts to help users unlock their full potential. Ranging from HIIT, cardio, strength, weight loss, boxing, yoga and pilates, there really is something for everyone. Dusty himself reportedly delivered 80% of the programs and workouts.

“I want to motivate and guide people to achieve their fitness goals and become the best they can be in life,” said Dustin Martin.

“I’ve always been passionate about health and fitness, and having the opportunity to share the things I’ve learned and help others achieve their goals really excites me.”

Although DRIP is not just about the physical. The inclusion of mindfulness and something known as “energy coaching” was a priority for Dusty given how he “benefited tremendously” from it both personally and professionally. We’re talking about life affirmations, the science of sleep, stress and anxiety reduction, focus and attention, and, er, “building energy.”

Dustin Martin Drip Fitness App

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“To me, mindfulness is something you have to be disciplined and work with – it’s a skill
just like learning to kick a soccer ball.

“There are so many different ways to do meditations and mindfulness. It could be just going for a walk, exercising, or playing with your kids, whatever you are doing. Just be present.

However, exercises you won’t find on the Dustin Martin fitness app include the following:

Dustin Martin’s DRIP Fitness is now free to download from the App Store. New members get exclusive access to a three-day trial with payment processed according to the membership plan (from $24.99 per month).

Learn more below.

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