EUROPE/FRANCE – The Living Rosary by Pauline Jaricot on an App

EUROPE/FRANCE – The Living Rosary by Pauline Jaricot on an App

Paris (Agence Fid . The incessant prayer of the Rosary for the mission of the Church was a cornerstone of the spirituality and action of Pauline Jaricot, founder of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, beatified in Lyon on 22 In this spirit, in order to use the power of a universal channel like the Internet to participate in the dissemination of the Rosary in the world, the social network and the Catholic prayer association “Hozana”, based in France, launched the “Rosario” application downloadable on smartphones and tablets, with the idea of ​​putting into practice, by modern means, the concept of the “Living Rosary”, imagined by Pauline Jaricot in the 19th century.
The organizers of Hozana explain: “Pauline Jaricot lived in a France marked by anticlericalism and the decline of religious fervor after the French Revolution. Confident in the effectiveness of the Rosary to revive the faith, she imagines a very simple way to bring her contemporaries closer to this spirituality: the Living Rosary in prayer groups of 15 people”.
Today, each user can form a prayer group of 15 people. Everyone agrees to meditate on one of the mysteries of the Rosary by reciting about ten a day, in communion with the rest of the group. Thus, each day, the group meditates together on the 15 mysteries, that is to say the complete Rosary. “Why is it such a powerful means? ” We are wondering. Here is the answer: because it only takes 5 minutes to pray a decade. It is accessible to all and is the ideal way to “gently” discover the spirituality of the Rosary. Moreover, the method emphasizes “the power of the group”: being a link in a chain of prayer, being aware of the communion of prayer brings support and motivation. The “Rosario” application makes it possible to create groups, even of 5 people: “In a small prayer group of 5 people who know each other, explains the presentation, each member receives a mystery of the Rosary on which to meditate each day, with a short text to guide meditation. Each day, each one recites a decade while meditating on the mystery entrusted to him. At the end of the day, if the five members have prayed, the Living Rosary is complete”. “With this application, and above all thanks to the love of Our Lady and the desire to transmit it – concludes Hozana – there are hundreds, thousands of testimonies of people whose lives have been changed by the Rosary. Hozana (“Hosanna”, acclamation of praise to God) is an association of believers and a social prayer network that allows you to create or join online prayer communities around spiritual proposals, on the website and Hozana app. The mission is to bring the world together in prayer, through the Internet, in the certainty that “prayer will save the world”, the motto of the association. (PA) (Agenzia Fides, 24/5/2022)


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