eWorldTrade launches app for over 1 million B2B traders


eWorldTrade announced Thursday, January 6, the release of its app for Android and iOS users, providing the platform’s more than one million users with a mobile way to buy and sell in the B2B landscape.

eWorldTrade.com is used by stakeholders across the B2B spectrum through a secure gateway, from buyers and sellers to distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers in 195 countries in 10,000 markets.

“This next-generation update for the app aims to create an open, accessible and reliable bridge between businesses around the world,” the company said. noted in the ad. “With a streamlined and attractive interface, the app powers global commerce while giving the user full control. We’re excited to see what our customers can do with it and harness its full potential. “

The eWorldTrade application allows you to source from anywhere on the planet.

“We sure weren’t the first, but we created the platform to raise the bar from day one and how B2B users interact in ways never seen before,” eWorldTrade noted. “We believe in building relationships that last; help businesses serve their customers and continue to attract new opportunities.

Some of the features of the app include business messaging, Facebook, and Google; exchange of seller quotes; trade alerts; push notifications; membership upgrades; message center; buyers’ requests; appointment and meeting planner; live support and in-app commentary.

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