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42 years as a professional playback singer, six National Film Awards, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Rashtrapati Award for ‘First Ladies’, first Indian woman to be honored by the British Parliament in the House of Commons, 36 state awards different, and over 25,000 songs beyond KS Chithra remains as innocent as the young girl, who once visited the recording studio with the legendary musician MG Radhakrishnan. Nothing has changed much, according to her, except for the fact that over the past four decades, she has metamorphosed into an iconic singer.

In an exclusive and free interview with ETimes, KS Chithra talks about her musical journey, the process of choosing projects, the magic behind her moving songs, how she is unaffected by success, the pandemic blues, the upcoming project “Viddikalude Mash”, and much more.

Her bright smile and positive outlook on life are what connects KS Chithra to the masses aside from her soulful voice that spells out the melody. Her compassion for other human beings remains intact and when asked if the pandemic has affected her in any way, her concerns are more about how she has turned the lives of the people around her upside down. “It affected the artists to a large extent. Back in Chennai, I know many orchestral groups, whose livelihoods have come to a standstill. We have all heard of people who have committed suicide. Uncertainty took hold of us all because we were going through such a difficult scenario for the first time in our lives. I won’t say it affected me to the same degree. The virus outbreak and the lockdown came at a time when I was completely immersed in work. I hadn’t taken an elaborate break or vacation in my life. So the first week was spent watching movies and relaxing. Going to bed late and waking up late in the morning almost felt like happiness. But after being inactive for a week, I too felt weak. This is when the phone call from SP Balasubrahmanyam sir arrived. He was working on a few Telugu albums, to raise awareness of the situation and pay tribute to health workers. It’s a shame we lost it because of the covid. At the start of the pandemic, SPB monsieur was doing online concerts via social networks to raise funds to help musicians in need. I must admit that I am not one of those who like to take initiatives. But his activities were a huge inspiration, which prompted me to create an album “Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu”, to do live concerts for charities and to take music lessons for some children. I took care of during the pandemic. ”

KS Chithra has a talented voice, but what makes her songs touching are the emotions they evoke. Ask her for the magic potion that she adds to create the soulful songs, and she attributes it all to her passion for music. “Paying attention to the lyrics and discovering the emotion and the situation, where the song is placed, that’s all I do. When you do something wildly passionate, it all falls into place. Music has a calming effect on all of us. Even as you burn the candle at both ends, the music will help you relax. I believe in the magic of music, ”KS Chithra shares.

The legendary playback singer also claims that music is her kind of mediation. “While I’m in the recording studio in front of the microphone, I feel at ease. Nothing else in life bothers me at this point as I get absorbed in the song. I am unable to meditate. Although I do my best to concentrate, keeping my eyes closed, one thing or another occurs to me. And I remember saying that to a person, and he asked me if I felt the same way singing, and I said ‘No’. He said music is a kind of meditation. It’s true! ”She adds.

During her 42-year career, the iconic singer has worked with the who’s who, singing in more than half of Indian languages, and her achievements as a woman in the Indian music industry are unmatched. Although she has ruled the music industry for over four decades, KS Chithra has not taken success to her head. She doesn’t know how to define what success means to her at this point, but talks about balance. “Most of them are aware of the unprecedented loss of my life. God could have tried to balance it with what I have today. I am fortunate to have associated myself with gifted composers. I haven’t won a grudge so far. My family has always been my driving force. I must admit that I am a workaholic. I have worked hard since the start of my career, ”she says.

KS Chithra’s latest song ‘Thiramalayanu Nee’ from upcoming movie ‘Viddikalude Mashu’ is gaining traction. The lyrics of Rafeeq Ahammed and the composition of Bijibal were turned to gold thanks to the alchemy of the voice of KS Chithra. “Dilip Mohan, the director, is a close relative of mine. He had given me a copy of the book, on which the film is based, and asked me if I was going to return a song for the film. Bijibal sang the lyrics to me and I was delighted to be a part of it. That’s how the song came about, ”she adds with enthusiasm.

KS Chithra remains the most requested singer in South India. Ask him for the calculations behind the choice of a project and his lucidity will brighten your day. “Throughout my career, I did my best to be part of the songs that sought me out. The composer, the maker, or the big names have never really been the criteria for choosing projects. My only concern is whether I would be able to give the best of myself in the creation or not. It’s as simple as that ”, sums up the legend by signing.


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