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The Times Argus / Rutland Herald music critics offer recommendations on the best popular music Vermont has produced this year for Christmas gifts.

Pete’s Posse: “You know, you never know”

The talented trad / roots trio Pete’s Posse have released a double album of instruments and songs, “Ya Know, Ya Never Know,” highlighting the band’s growing stylistic repertoire and each member’s growing musical skills. This CD is a tour de force of traditional music with 23 songs and over 100 minutes of music. It is available from in line.

Mark LeGrand: ‘A twenty-year retrospective 1997-2017’

Montpellier singer / songwriter country musician Mark LeGrand has released a retrospective 17-track CD. This is by no means a coda for his career, but should be a welcome addition to his recorded work or an invitation to those unfamiliar with this talented performer. Go online at for your copy.

Doug Riley: “Coffee Nostalgia”

Riley plays music from the Celtic lands of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Nova Scotia and England. In the nine tracks and 33 minutes of music, we hear basic songs such as “O, are Ye Sleepin Maggie?” “Jack Haggerty” and “Blow out the candle”. Riley sings, plays the violin, plays the guitar and citrus. It is available on in line.

Chicky Stolz: “Camp registration n ° 4”

Chicky Stolz’s “Camp Recording # 4” is an album of indie rock songs, seven in all and over 30 minutes of music. The songs are rhythm driven with lots of electric guitar, keyboard, drums and percussion. It is available on

Bow Thayer: “Snug’s Zen”

The title “The Zen of Snug” suggests the material explored by Bow Thayer as he tries to make sense of a world that is spiraling out of control with political and health upheaval, and the concerns we have and how to find conviviality in it. moment of great division. Fans will find the music and instrumentation much more familiar and conventional than recent forays into jazz and improvisational work. You can get it at in line.

Karen McFeeters “” Bonfire “

Great singer, Karen McFeeters and her producer / multi-instrumentalist Colin McCaffrey have created an excellent set of 12 songs. The “Bonfire” CD covers a range of styles from contemporary folk to pop, bluegrass and themes of courage, love and hope. It is available on in line.

Saints & Liars: “These times”

With Jed Hughes’ lead vocals growling and rumbling through 11 tracks, a resonator guitar providing lead lines and a bass-drum combo beating a solid beat, Saints & Liars produced an impressive recording in the Americana-Country category. Get it at in line.

Babehoven: “Nastavi, Calliope”

Maya Bon and her musical cohort Ryan Alpert collaborated on a seven song EP that explores the seeming sadness, confusion and misery that Bon, the singer-songwriter, was to express through music. Well, who is called Babehoven, seems so miserable that we want to give her a hug and tell her that the world is not so bad and that things will get better. It is at in line.

Dave Richardson: “From palm trees to pines”

Singer-songwriter Dave Richardson is an optimist who is seemingly in love with his partner, his home, his garden, and his place in life. The songs from “Palms To Pines” reflect positivity and an upbeat outlook on life. Find it on in line.

‘Lost Master Tapes Of WDEV Radio’s 55th Anniversary Concert’

WDEV Radio fans may remember the original 1986 55th Anniversary concert. This 67 minute album is a stroll through the 1980s past with Banjo Dan & the Mid-Nite Plowboys, Jon Gailmor, Coco & The Lonesome Road Band, Rick Norcross and the Nashfull Hikers; and The Legendary Doc Williams & The WDEV Blue Seal Radio Rangers are featured. Order from WDEV.

Rabbi David Fainsilber: “Hashkiveinu”

“Hashkiveinu” highlights the growing trend to recast traditional Jewish liturgical music into a more modern form, accessible to older and younger Jews. Stowe Rabbi David Fainsilber is one of three rabbis who collaborated on this project, available from the Jewish community of Greater Stowe; call 802-253-1800.

Raphael Groten: “Happy forever”

Guitarist and singer-songwriter Raphael Groten has produced an album of children’s music that adults will also find entertaining. Groten, who calls himself “G’Raph”, says that this CD “Happily Ever Now” is “dedicated to cultivating kindness, joy, love, life in the present moment and love. art of having fun NOW! ” He could also say that children’s music doesn’t need to be simplified to the point of silliness, nor musically mundane and gender neutral. Find it on in line.

Raphaël Groten: “Potential”

The music presented in the 14 tracks will lower your blood pressure and will be useful for doing yoga or meditation. Consider Raphael Groten’s ‘Potential’, a hearing pill meant to calm nerves in these trying times. It is at in line.

Cummings-Sutherland-Kolodner: “The Flight of the Birds”

The music of yesteryear meets traditional Scottish music with a strong emphasis on pipes that help to forge a strong bond between the two, in “The Birds’s Flight” by Tim Cummings, Pete Sutherland and Brad Kolodner.

The Robinsons: “Cabot Old Time Jam Session”

“Cabot Old Time Jam Session” Repertory Vol. 1 ”, by Dana and Susan Robinson, is a living musical ensemble that you can listen to and learn if you are a budding player of yesteryear. Dana is the violinist, guitarist, bassist and lead singer. Sue is the banjo player and harmony singer. The music is joyful, tapping and dancing. If you love violin music then this is for you. Go to in line.

Marcus & Sanders: “Garden dreams”

“Garden Dreams” combines local poetry and piano music. Aaron Marcus’ knowledge of musical styles is vast, with forays into classical, light jazz, folk, and world music. Add the spoken voice of Sam Sanders and the poetry of several Vermonters to this recording and we have a listening experience musically and vocally quite unique to the recorded Vermont soundstage.


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