Headspace features are now accessible on the Waze app


Staying cool during your daily commute or in the car can be a lot easier than it looks. Sure, you’re seated most of the time, but there is traffic to deal with, bad weather, and other factors that combine to create a less-than-zen experience.

If you or someone you know might need a little help lowering your stress levels while you’re on the road, Waze is showcasing a handful of limited-time features in conjunction with the Free space mindfulness app designed to do just that.

These include the ability to stream a custom Spotify Headspace playlist from the Waze app and Headspace Meditation Director navigation prompts. Eve Lewis Prieto. Drivers can also choose from five driving moods (Aware, Bright, Hopeful, Joyful, and Open), and can replace their car’s icon in the app with a hot air balloon.

According to Prieto, people shouldn’t think of meditation as a chore or a checkbox at the start of each day. “Having said that, it often takes practice and we often need to remind ourselves to come back to the present moment.”

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“It’s amazing how long we drive on autopilot and actually miss a lot of the trip, which also applies to how we move through life being more focused on the destination rather than enjoy the trip. “

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Prieto also pointed out that some of the benefits that studies have seen in people who practice mindfulness include reduced stress, better focus, and less aggression: “Start small and look for times in your day where you can intentionally attract. attention to what you are doing. It can be as simple as brushing your teeth, having a morning cup of coffee or driving to work, ”she said.

Less stress and less aggression – we’re sure more than a handful of drivers might need a little help getting there. Do you know anyone who should try these features?

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