Here’s how loan debt in Midland compares to Texas, USA

Student loans account for about $1.6 trillion in debt in the United States, the second-largest form of household debt behind mortgages, according to WalletHub study. On average, each student borrower has post-college debt of $37,000, according to the study. By comparing the median student loan debt to the median incomes of people ages 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree in more than 2,500 cities, WalletHub determined which cities in the United States have the most and the least student loan debt. .

Midland is in the 91st percentile of cities with the lowest ratio of median student loan debt to median income, making it one of the least over-indebted cities in Texas and the United States. The median student debt in the city is $16,500 and the median income is $61,204 for a debt-to-income ratio of 26.96%.

The most over-indebted city in the United States is Selma, Alabama, with an 84.33% ratio of median student debt to median income. The median student debt in the city is $24,798, while the median income is just $29,406. Conversely, Coachella, California has the lowest debt ratio with a median student debt of $9,320 compared to a median income of $73,606 for a ratio of 12.66%.

In Texas, the city with the highest ratio is Richmond, which is in the southwest region of Houston. The city ranks in the 5th percentile of the most over-indebted cities with a debt-to-income ratio of 58.58%. Bachelor’s degree holders over the age of 25 earn a median income of $41,274 and have a median student loan debt of $24,178.

San Juan in the McAllen area has the lowest debt ratio in Texas at 18.9%. The city’s median income is $54,672 and the median student loan debt is $10,331.

Large metropolitan cities in Texas rank near the middle or bottom of the pack for the highest income-to-debt ratios. Austin and San Antonio are the highest, both in the 51st percentile, while Dallas is in the 67th percentile and Houston has the lowest ratio of major cities in Texas, coming in at the 70th percentile.

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