How the Balance app can help you relieve stress with personalized meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to take care of yourself. Simple and accessible to all, the benefits of meditation are numerous. From reducing stress and anxiety to calming the mind and improving focus, meditation is the perfect antidote to our fast-paced modern times.

For people who don’t take the time to practice meditation, an app like Balance offers a good solution. You can turn on notifications to remind you to take time off. Then, put on your headphones and let the app guide you to a more peaceful state of mind.

What is balance?

Balance is an app that aims to be a personal meditation coach and tailor your meditation experience to your needs and experience level. Libra offers a premium subscription for additional features. In 2021, Libra developers gave new users their first full year for free. They said money shouldn’t stop anyone from improving their stress levels, sleep quality, or mental well-being. This offer remained active in 2022.

When you sign up, Libra prompts you to make a monetary contribution towards the cost of providing free access worldwide. However, you can easily choose the free offer as long as it is available.


To download: Balance for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

Getting started with balance

When you first open Balance, you are asked a series of questions and presented with a personal meditation plan based on your answers. Libra promises that you’ll participate in an ongoing personalization process by answering more questions every day to tailor the meditations the app offers you.

The main home screen displays your choices for the day. It offers your personal Foundations or Advanced plan, or you can choose meditations based on the time of day, your mood, or the state of mind you want to achieve. If you are about to study, you can choose the procrastination category. Or if you feel discouraged, there is a category of motivation.

There is also a daily meditation selected for you by the app based on the mood you checked in with. So you can tell Libra that you’re feeling stressed, sad, or sick, and it’ll provide you with a meditation to help you out.

Meditate with balance

The most immersive way to experience the meditations is through headphones. Each begins with an invitation to breathe slowly and deeply, simply calling on you to pay attention to your breathing. Like any good meditation program, Balance meets you where you are and invites you to become aware of your reality.

A calm instructor then walks you through some breathing exercises and they do it without needing to fill every second with chatter. The space left to breathe and find your own rhythm is welcome. The instructor is an actual human rather than a computer-generated voice, which lends warmth to the proceedings that some meditation apps lack.

Unlike other meditation apps, there is no expansion and contraction circle to measure your breathing. Instead, you are asked to close your eyes. Each meditation is accompanied by a simple black background, with colorful stripes moving in waves across the screen. It is unobtrusive and allows you to concentrate solely on listening. You can also try meditating with the Calm app for a similar experience.

At the end, the instructor invites you to register the next day for your next exercise. The app saves and tracks your progress, recording the skills you have developed. Users can integrate this data into Apple’s Health app.

Explore Plans on Balance

In addition to your personalized plan, there is a long list of general plans to follow. These have category titles such as Embrace Change, Cope with Fear, and Relaxation. Each category contains a set of 10 different meditations to help you solve specific problems.

In any meditation category, you can change the program duration and voice. Both male and female instructors have wonderfully soothing voices, so you can make your choice with confidence.

Sleep features on the scale

There is an extensive Sleep category in Libra. If you’re troubled by poor sleep or have trouble falling asleep, there are plenty of options to help you out pretty much any time of the day or night. Take a nap, relax at bedtime, or go back to bed if you wake up too early. There are relaxing activities such as visualizations and sleep stretches to help you end the day well, as well as a selection of sleep sounds such as campfires and ocean sounds. There is even a category especially for children.

If you’re having trouble, explore other ways technology can help you get a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy some quiet time with Balance Singles

A few moments of meditation can make a huge difference in your day. Balance has a cool feature that you can use for a momentary break from anything that causes stress. It’s a nice way to reset during a hectic day.

the Simple The tab offers over 30 categories for your quick meditation fix. Hit it Anxiety, Breatheor Motivation pimples, or look at some of the more specialized categories that deal with grief, sick day or breaking habits. New categories are regularly added.

How is Balance different from other apps?

Libra’s wide range of options contains meditations to appeal to everyone, no matter their age or state of mind. There are many apps with breathing exercises for mindfulness. What sets Balance apart is its customization feature, which allows you to tailor a program to your needs.

With its straightforward and simple interface, the ability to save your favorite meditations, and the ability to track and save your progress, Balance is hard to beat as a tool for learning or practicing meditation on a daily basis. With over 2 million users, it’s a popular choice, and it’s hard to resist when a free trial makes it easy to try it out for yourself.

Incorporate meditation into your daily wellness with Balance

With so many challenges to mental well-being in modern life, it’s more important than ever to take a few moments to center yourself and be calm. Beyond meditation, there are many ways to take care of yourself, like journaling or immersing yourself in the sounds of nature.

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