How to bulletproof your knees with 1 exercise

Can you bulletproof your knees? Knees Over Toes Guy thinks so, and he says you can do it in under five minutes with one exercise. This is how.

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How to bulletproof your knees in 5 minutes with 1 exercise: Backward Sled Pull

The sled rear pull, also known as the sled rear drag, is excellent for protecting your knees from bullets as it has the least impact on the joint while dramatically increasing blood flow to the knees.

It is performed by attaching a harness to a sled and putting it around your hips, then walking backwards while pulling the sled up and down a set length. You should feel the burn in your quads, hamstrings, and calves after a few rounds.

Backward sled pull-ups are one of the most knee-friendly exercises.

You don’t perform this exercise for reps, but rather aim to work for about five minutes, starting at an easy pace.

The factors you will need to consider are speed, stride range, and weight, as these will all affect the feel of the exercise. The friction between the sled and the ground will also differ from place to place, so take this into account as well when pulling the sled backwards.

Vary your speed, stride length, and weight on the sled to move at a steady but sustained pace. You want to find the perfect combination to feel the burn on your leg muscles, have a good pace, and cover enough amplitude.

Do this exercise three times a week for five minutes before your incidental work to activate blood flow to the knees.

Ben Patrick, better known as Knees on the toesaims for people to feel no pain in their knees.

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