How to get the most out of the Nike Run Club app

One of the most downloaded health and fitness apps, Nike Run Club is a free app that runners of all skill levels can enjoy. It can log all your runs, provide real-time data during your training, and even provide training plans.

With a wide selection of ways to socialize with other app users, as well as a library of virtual coaching narrations, it’s one of the most robust apps running right now. Here’s an overview of the many features of the Nike Run Club app, so you can get the most out of this training tool.

Using NRC Race Tracking and Logging Features

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As a running app, Nike Run Club tracks almost any metric a runner could want, including pace, distance, elevation changes, and mile intervals. A map then displays your exact route. If you connect a heart rate monitor to the app, heart rate data is also tracked.

To access the running tracking screen, open the app and click on the small running person icon in the bottom center of the screen.

Select the Set an objective to set the desired distance, time or speed for the run. This is optional, but starting a race with a particular goal in mind can be helpful for many athletes.

Click the green start button to begin immediately. A screen showing your miles, average pace, and total time will appear. Calories, intervals, and heartbeats per minute (BPM) are also displayed, along with a map of your running location.

To end a race, press and hold the stop button. Your completed race will be displayed on the Activity screen with mileage, average pace and total time shown. Elevation gain and cadence are also included, along with your average heart rate (if a monitor is synced). You can also view mile split data to further break down your run.


Additional space at the bottom of the screen allows you to take notes and record information about your efforts. That’s all you need to instantly start keeping a detailed run log.

To download: Nike Run Club for iOS | Android (Free)

Listen to NRC guided runs for a positive workout

Sometimes it’s easy to let negative thoughts creep in during your run, and those feelings can even derail your entire training. But the Nike Run Club’s guided runs offer positive, insightful encouragement throughout training. Your body and mind reap the benefits.

On the running home screen, select the Guided races tab near the top. Select the guided run you want, press the To download button, and you’re good to go. Now you can run while listening to a coach or athlete keeping you company every step of the way.

Storytellers like Coach Bennett and the rest of the team will soon feel like the cheer squad you never knew you needed. When you feel tired and (perhaps) ready to quit, the coach’s encouragement to keep going can be hugely motivating. Even better, helpful tips to improve your breathing, posture, and mental space throughout the run can really make a difference.

The selection of guided races is also impressive. You can listen to the stories of accomplished athletes as you run to learn more about the sport and the people who love it. There’s a comprehensive Mindfulness Running Pack, many of which feature insights from Andy Puddicombe from the popular meditation tool Headspace app.

Plus, there are guided narrations for short runs, long runs, intervals, and even treadmill workouts. (Honestly, who doesn’t need a bit of positive motivation to get through a treadmill session?) There’s also a whole section of beginner-focused guided runs that will get you moving in no time.

Sync NRC with your music

Link the Nike Run Club app to your Spotify Premium or Apple Music account to add some tunes to the experience. You can listen to your own music or select one of NRC’s playlists on the services. Music may also play during Guided Races.

To sync your music, go to your running screen and select the Music note icon. Select your Apple Music or Spotify account and enjoy the playlist of your choice.

Socialize with the Nike Run Club app

Connect with friends through the app to boost your camaraderie (or start a friendly competition). Click the two people icon at the bottom of the app, then go to Ranking screen. From there, you can invite friends to connect on the app.

Under the Challenges screen, you can join an existing challenge or create your own. You can see how many other runners are trying to complete the same challenge, whether you’re trying to run 9 miles in a week or run 31 miles in a month.

Finally, the Events The screen lets you find a local real-life running club through the app.

Track your shoe usage

Because the app is run by Nike, it’s no surprise that some of its features relate to your running shoes. But regardless of your brand, it’s a good idea to track your shoe usage, and this part of the app can do just that. Runners often replace shoes after 300 to 500 miles of use, although the exact number depends on the individual. (Ask the experts at your local running shoe store, a physical therapist, or even a podiatrist for a more personalized recommendation.)

From the home screen, tap your initials in the top left corner. Click it My shoes button. This takes you to the shoe locker portion of the app, which lets you tag any pair of running shoes you own, regardless of brand. (However, if it’s Nike, you’ll probably be able to find a photo of them on the app as well.)

Now it’s easier than ever to track your shoe mileage, whether you’re wearing the latest pair of smart shoes for running or a more low-tech pair.

In this sense, the Nike Run Club app does not overtly advertise the brand’s products at every turn. You can definitely access the member store on your profile screen for shopping, but don’t worry about getting nagged to buy new shoes every time you open the app or whatever.

Run with the Nike Run Club app

Although there are many awesome running apps out there, the Nike Run Club app is definitely worth downloading for most runners. Whatever your goals, the guided runs and detailed data logging features are great tools that can help you improve your run in a positive way.

Now that you’ve read this guide, all you have to do is grab your shoes and get out there!

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