Hudson Valley Labyrinth Mystery Day Trip

There is so much to see in the Hudson Valley. Hiking trails, views of different mountains and historical landmarks, you will never have time to get bored.

Have you ever stumbled across something that thought it was cool?

Consider yourself lucky when this happens. For me, it was almost like striking gold, only better. This was the start of my Hudson Valley road trip with my sister.

Have you ever heard of the term labyrinth? I had never heard of this word before until I came across one. There’s a historical marker in Orange County near Middletown that looked interesting. After seeing the fascinating marker, my sister noticed some very old graves at the cemetery on site.

Pine Hill Cemetery is located off VanBurenville Rd in Middletown, New York, near Fair Oaks.

We discovered a hidden gem.

On the other side of the cemetery it looked like there was a labyrinth. However, this maze looked like a circle of rocks. As we got closer, we discovered the explanation of a labyrinth.

At the time we weren’t too sure what we had encountered but luckily we took some photos to capture the moment. After we left, we researched and were shocked to find one in the Hudson Valley.

What is a maze?

Unlike a regular path, a maze tends to be circular leading down the center. The path leads to the center to bring balance, which helps you find the center of yourself. They bring back to Greek mythology,

It was news to me that mazes have been around for over 4,000 years and I had never heard of them. This path is for meditation and relaxation.

Known as walking meditation, it’s something everyone should try.

They can help calm the mind, enhance creativity, and calm any anxiety.

If you need to solve a problem, this would be perfect for that. Known for bringing peace and serenity to life, approach it with love and you may be rewarded.

I can’t wait to go back and spend more time in this place. Now that I know all it has to offer, that will make it even more special.

Are you going to visit this maze? Have you ever met one before? Share with us below.

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