I tried TikTok’s latest exercise obsession – here’s why the Hot Girl Walk is the daily habit you need

Check out TikTok’s latest exercise obsession – hot girl walking. A serious upgrade from your normal walk around the block, the Hot Girls Walk is all about walking with mindfulness and confidence, rather than worrying about your to-do list or dwelling on that memory. embarrassing thing that circles your brain at least once. every 24 hours (just me?).

For more, I put on my favorite running shoesgrabbed my oat milk latte and Toby, my cocker spaniel (he always struts down the street with confidence, so he seemed like the perfect companion), and embarked on a hot girls ride, read on to find out what I learned.

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Plus, here’s a video on the best headphones to wear for a hot girl ride on the Guide to Tom TikTok (opens in a new tab) (feel free to follow us while you’re at it).

What is a hot girl walk?

For a regular walk to count as a hot girl walk, it must meet the criteria. According to the creator of the fitness trend, Mia (aka @exactlyliketheothergirls (opens in a new tab) on TikTok), hot girl walks only allow you to focus on three things:

Hot girl rides are all about celebrating your accomplishments and feeling proud of yourself – things that a lot of us aren’t so good at. The trend started with a four-mile walk, but distance isn’t the requirement here — it’s about embracing movement and getting those feel-good vibes.

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I Tried A Hot Girls Walk – And Here’s Why You Should Too

As a dog owner, a morning walk is an integral part of my routine. I’ll set an alarm at 6 a.m., grab a coffee, and walk for an hour with Toby in tow. Often I listen to a podcast, think about my day, and stress about things I can’t control (like turning 30 in a few weeks). Practicing hot girl walks didn’t require me to change much about my day – even before I got a dog, I chose to start my day with a long walk or a run, both for the health benefits physical and mental health. The hot girl walk just made me reshape my mindset.

The purpose of the sexy girl walk is to feel confident, move and celebrate your body.

As my mind began to drift back to my to-do list, I kept coming back to ten things I was grateful for. Some of them seemed silly – my coffee, the sunny weather, and the fact that I could test running shoes for work, but others were bigger and more important. I’m not one to journal or meditate – no matter how many times I try, it lasts a week before I give up. That said, there are a number of benefits of practicing gratitude (opens in a new tab)including greater satisfaction with life, increased happiness and a more positive mood.

Going a mile thinking about five things I would like to achieve or accomplish in my 30s was also a weighty substitute for my normal walking daydreams. Again, my mind seemed determined to wander (just like my dog, who has a habit of chasing pigeons), but I kept coming back to these dreams of the future as I walked.

Finally, like most Brits, taking the time to dwell on my level was a completely foreign concept, and I admit I found it difficult. Sure, I’ll try to be the person my dog ​​thinks I am, but I strut around thinking how hot am I? Even writing that sentence is mortifying. However, the point of walking is to feel confident, move and celebrate your body. As I walked, I thought about how my legs have carried me around four marathons, how beautiful my nails were after a recent manicure, and how happy I felt with the sun on my face. A therapist once told me “if you don’t tell a friend, don’t tell yourself,” and starting the day with positive affirmations about myself really made me feel good.

There are a number of benefits to walking outdoors (here’s what 30 minutes of walking a day can do for your body), but the real meaning of the sexy girl walk is as much mental exercise as it is physical exercise. I felt elated when I unclipped Toby’s lead an hour later – I loved starting the day with such a positive frame of mind, and rather than rushing to my desk feeling stressed, I poured myself another coffee and gave myself a mental pat on the back. Whatever your exercise goals for 2022, the hot girl walk is the trend everyone needs to try. What are you waiting for?

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