“I will not take the bait with hurtful or toxic comments”


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In his hit Netflix series On my block, Sierra Capri is Monsé Finnie, the confident leader of his group of high school friends. Offscreen, Capri, 23, put high school – and college, where she studied biology – in her rearview mirror. Today, the actress teamed up with St. Ives to gift a lucky student with a year of free classes and books, as well as a stash of the brand’s new Solutions line, in order to create a stress-free learning year for the contest winner.

Capri herself knows a thing or two about stress management. The actress is used to meditation, and despite her 2.4 million followers on Instagram, knows not to take social networks too much seriously. Here, Capri talks to Yahoo Life about her wellness routine and the change she made in college to make sure she needs to close her eyes.

What does wellness mean to you and how do you take care of your own well-being?

I think wellness is everything. It’s important to understand what this means to you, in terms of what you do to make sure that you stay in good mental and physical health. I have my own diet that works for me, but I think it’s different for everyone. This is important because today’s world can be very stressful.

I definitely take care of my skin. I am obsessed with the new Solutions line from St. Ives. Starting my day with my skincare routine helps me rejuvenate, and at night it helps calm me down. I have had the chance to update my skin care routine and use St. Ives Solutions cleanser, the toner. They contain 100% natural tea tree extract and it’s important in my routine to use products that are good for my sensitive skin. Over the past year, especially with COVID, I have had time to figure out what ingredients are in products and what chemicals.

How do you deal with stress when things are busy?

I always wanted to try yoga in college, and when I started doing it more and more often I switched from yoga to meditation. I started trying to find other ways to meditate if I didn’t have time for a yoga session. I wanted to do something quick, like five or 10 minutes, that could give me so much peace and joy for the rest of the day. When I started to meditate, I would sit in my room and listen to music. Sometimes I listen to the meditations on the Calm app, which I love. I light a candle. It’s good.

How do you use social media so that it doesn’t affect your mental health?

I really think social media should be fun and empowering. For me, it’s important to set limits for how long I am on social media each day. I must have thick skin when it comes to social media comments. I’ll take a quick peek, but I won’t bite the hook with hurtful or toxic comments. I will also apply the whole “no phone” policy when I am with friends and family, to make sure that I am there and in the moment, and that I am just enjoying what is going on and the people. around me.

As a former student, what strategies have you used to balance schoolwork with the rest of your life?

For me, I just had those moments where I spent at least an hour a day taking a break from everything I had to do. Sometimes if you think about everything you need to do in a day it will overwhelm you, so I tried to take it all one thing at a time. I would meditate. I would do yoga. I was going to get some food with some friends, or I was going to take a Zumba class. I think it’s important to take this time to do something for yourself and not worry about everything you have to do.

What would you like to know earlier about maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

I wish I had known earlier how what you eat and what you put into your body can affect how you feel and your mental state. I don’t think a lot of people see the connection. If you are feeling down, stressed, or happy, a lot of it can be about what you are eating. There can be a lot of chemicals in your body that disrupt your hormones, and I just didn’t know that. When I was in college and struggling for my money, I was like, “Now is the perfect time to go vegan.” It was the best sleep I had had in months. I did not turn and turn at night and I am a very light sleeper. When I did that, I would be knocked out. I had the most energy in my life. I’m not a vegan now, but I’m not against going back. You really feel the difference in your body.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

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