Introducing the Toys and Colors app: the intersection where learning meets play to engage and entertain children of all ages


Amid the digital renaissance, children are learning to adapt to virtual teaching formats that often leave children bored, disengaged and indifferent. A children’s YouTube channel is on a mission to change that. Toys and Colors, the YouTube channel with over 32 million subscribers worldwide, believes that learning and playing are not mutually exclusive, but rather deeply connected. With that in mind, the founders of Toys and Colors embarked on a two-year mission to create a virtual learning environment where children can thrive and interact. Toys and Colors is proud to announce the release of its new app, available on all iOS and Android devices.

The revolutionary mobile app takes a comprehensive approach to wellness, strategically designed to help children experience physical, social, emotional and cognitive benefits through videos, games, audio picture books, toy and color characters, songs, etc. The subscription-based platform allows users to explore nearly 1,000 videos, 50 songs, 60 audiobooks, and tons of 100% ad-free games for just $ 4.99 / month or 29.99 $ / year, with new content added weekly.

The videos consist of content from the popular YouTube channel, in addition to the exclusive member-only content available on the app. From songs to interviews with beloved TC characters, dancing, exercising and everything in between, the content in the Toys and Colors app encompasses a comprehensive approach to education that kids love.

The games featured in the app serve as an early learning program to cover topics like shapes, ABCs, numbers, family members, animals and more. Each week, new content is released to feature new games and videos, meditation, positive affirmations, and an emotional intelligence program.

All content is created by the Toys and Colors team with the best efforts to diversify the content so that all fans feel included and represented. The kid-friendly interface is designed by the Toys and Colors app team to ensure a smooth and seamless process that can be customized to each child’s taste.

“As a creator of children’s content, we have always put the interests of children first. So we ask ourselves: how to make them laugh? How to retain them? How can we connect with them on their terms? But as parents, our concerns are different: how do we get them to learn? How do you keep them safe and happy? How to get a few minutes of peace and quiet around the house? Well the answer is the Toys and Colors app! The average time a child spends on our app is 27 minutes. So while the app entertains your kids and teaches them a thing or two, you can kick back and relax! ” – Nhat M., Founder

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation and an unwavering commitment to helping children thrive in an environment that supports their growing minds; Toys and Color’s goal-driven vision came to fruition with the release of the Toys and Colors app.

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About toys and colors

Toys and Colors is a very popular YouTube channel dedicated to helping children learn while playing. Over 32 million subscribers worldwide and over 31 billion views, Toys and Colors is internationally recognized for its innovative and fun approach to learning that keeps children both engaged and entertained throughout the learning process. ‘learning. Toys and Colors recently released its revolutionary app to Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store that lets kids play games, sing songs, watch videos, take quizzes, and even take quizzes. shop in a sleek, easy-to-use interface that kids and parents love. The goal-oriented intersection where learning and play come together, the interactive app helps children reap physical, social, cognitive and emotional benefits.


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