Is the Sanity & Self app worth downloading?

With thousands of five-star ratings, the Sanity & Self app includes over 900 self-care-focused audio sessions, plus journaling exercises, mood tracking and a chat function expert.

but is it good for you? Here’s a preview and review of the popular self-care app.

How to get started with the Sanity & Self app

You can sign up for the Sanity & Self app for free with an email or Facebook login. After signing up, you can listen to a sample of the app’s audio content for free. We heard Self-Love 1/7: Self-Esteem, narrated by Diana Mandell, which shares general ideas about valuing and respecting yourself as a person.


The initial setup screens are chatty and cute, filled with emojis, giving you an immediate idea of ​​the general tone of the app.

Full access to the app requires a paid subscription. Signing up for premium access lets you try the app for free for a week, then it will cost you $59.99 per year (or $5 per month).

To download: Sanity & Self app for iOS (free in-app purchases available)

What makes the Sanity & Self app special?

Open the Sanity & Self app House screen, and you can scroll through an impressive and seemingly endless amount of content. First, there’s a self-care plan that includes personalized programs designed to help you set boundaries, prioritize yourself, and similar self-care content.

Next, the Daily Self-Care Toolkit offers shortcuts to Mood Tracker, Guided Journal, Relaxation, and Reminder features. The Mood Tracker prompts you to answer a few quick questions about how you are feeling right now, while the Guided Journal offers prompts to help you express gratitude, let go of anger, and access many other moods. Both of these features are well thought out and encourage some useful introspection.

Finally, the Relaxation screen features a variety of soothing animations and music, while the Reminder Ritual can inspire you to follow healthy habits throughout the day.

These features are great, but the real bread and butter of the Sanity & Self app is its massive audio library, featuring over 900 audio sessions. Basically, the audio content falls into seven categories: personal growth, love life, sleep, work, meditation, breathing, and fitness.

Each category can feature a range of content, including guided breathing sessions, expert-led multi-day programs, music, visualization exercises, and even guided workouts for stretching, cross-training, and bodybuilding.

Among all this content, the expert-led audio programs for self-care and growth are perhaps the app’s most unique feature. Therapists, life coaches, relationship experts and other professionals lead these programs and can offer much-needed support and help.

For example, the Boundaries Program led by Melanie DewBerry is a three-part series that offers practical tips for setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in your daily life. DewBerry provides simple, practical tips you can put into practice right away. With 2.2 million likes on the app, as well as many positive reviews from users, it’s clear that this short but meaningful program has struck a chord.

You can get a sense of the programs with this video by Airial Clark, which examines the idea of ​​empowerment. It’s a compassionate and thoughtful approach to the idea, and Clark offers practical advice as well.

In addition to programs, the Sanity & Self app also includes a selection of music for concentration, sleep and stress. The tracks include everything from upbeat electronic tunes to soothing orchestral features. You can also set the length of your listening session, making it a great choice if you use music to focus on your work or other activities.

Then, Sanity & Self Chat 1:1 offers personalized assistance via audio, video and text messages. Available on a weekly or monthly basis, this service connects you with a specialist for advice on relationships, stress or just about anything else. This service is an additional cost to the app, and prices vary depending on whether you choose text or video sessions, according to Sanity & Self.

Finally, the Community The tab allows you to connect with others in a forum setting. Share your stories about breakups, emotional health, and more with other app users.

Is the Sanity & Self app worth trying?

Now that you know a bit more about the Sanity & Self app, let’s see if you should consider trying it out.


There’s a lot to love about the Sanity & Self app. Anyone interested in a feature-rich self-care app with extensive and exclusive audio content will likely enjoy it. (Quality audio programs really set Sanity & Self apart from similar apps).

After listening to a few different experts and programs, we were pleasantly surprised by the polished and insightful messages. We can see how listening to these positive programs based on real-life ideas could benefit many people.

Plus, the amount of content available is impressive. You can find other apps for mood tracking, meditation, sleep aid, and guided breathing features, for example, but it’s handy to have all of these features in one place.

Finally, Sanity & Self is priced on par with similar apps, including the popular wellness app Shine. If you’re happy to pay for a subscription, then this is a good choice.


Sanity & Self uses a lot of “trendy” language throughout, and the app is quick to call you a “rock star” or “girlboss”. Some people will enjoy the laid back, chatty vibe, but others may find it a bit irritating after a while.

Moreover, it is a paid application. Not everyone will want to pay a monthly or yearly subscription for content.

Are there potential alternatives to the Sanity & Self app?

There is no shortage of great self-care apps available, and you can get similar benefits to the Sanity & Self app with many other downloads. (However, it can be difficult to find the same number of features in a single app). For example, you can get great mood-tracking apps, calming meditation and relaxation apps, and even apps to help you build your confidence.

When it comes to self-care apps, you might want to try Shine, virtual pet app Finch, or mental health app Bloom, before deciding on your favorite. Most of them also include a one-week free trial, so you can try them out first.

Prioritize self-care with the Sanity & Self app

If you’re looking for a personal care and wellness app subscription with lots of features and original content, the Sanity & Self app is a solid choice. With exceptional original audio content and a dedicated user community, it’s a helpful resource available right on your phone.

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