Japanese mental health care app, Awarefy, helps you adopt mindfulness and self-care techniques

Working on your mental well-being a little each day could help improve the way you feel, think, and deal with your emotions. Realize, a Japanese mental health care app, is a user-friendly self-help tool designed to help you adopt self-care and mindfulness techniques to improve your daily life. After all, your mental health is as essential as your physical health.

Self-care has never been more crucial. As lockdown restrictions continue to apply, it’s important that you take time out of your days to show yourself a little kindness, take care of your mental health and make sure you get back into things too quickly.

The term self-care has become a buzzword when it comes to wellness, so it’s essential that you don’t lose sight of what the term actually means. These days, people can combine self-care with experimental relaxation techniques and luxurious face masks. However, self-care also refers to the activities you engage in to take care of your physical, emotional, and mental health, including those mentioned above.

With that in mind, a mindfulness app is a great way to make self-care a regular habit. Whether they help you do a breathing exercise or just remind you to take care of yourself, a mindfulness app like Realize helps make the whole process a little easier by giving you personal care at your fingertips.

What is Awarefy?

Realize is a mental health care app designed through joint research with Waseda University based on the theoretical concept of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). It is commonly known as the third generation of cognitive behavioral therapy.

The self-care and mindfulness app provides features that allow you to “note”, allowing you to visualize and organize your daily emotions and conditions. It also has voice guides that help you practice mindfulness and meditation and a recording feature for stress management. Realize presents an easy and convenient way to take care of your mental health from your smartphone.

Since its launch in May 2020, Realize served its Japanese users and surpassed 100,000 downloads by December 2021.

Recently, Tokyo-based Japanese startup Hakali Inc released an English version of the mental and emotional self-care app, allowing it to be used by a much wider audience. This is the company’s first step towards global expansion. Hakali is also dedicated to releasing the app in other languages ​​to establish a framework and make the app available to everyone around the world as Japan’s mental health care app.

Introducing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a unique therapy that helps patients come to terms with their negative feelings and thoughts instead of avoiding or eliminating them. Trained therapists use this method to treat a wide range of conditions, and it has proven effective for many people.

ACT also encourages patients to accept things beyond their control and to engage in other actions and thoughts aimed at enriching their lives. Instead of feeling guilty for having negative feelings, patients learn that negative emotions are natural. The goal of this therapy is to stimulate psychological flexibility.

The basis of ACT – which is the basis of Awarefy’s development – ​​emphasizes mindfulness as one of the vital elements. The root of mindfulness is shown to be in Buddhist Zen. Designed in Japan, where Zen culture fills daily life, the application of self-care and mindfulness reflects the Zen concept of ‘reassess yourself to become aware and find your true self.’

Based on this principle, Realize will offer emotional and mental self-care that improves the regular awareness of people in Japan and around the world.

Realize is now available for download on Apple Store and Google Play. The app also offers premium plans to support more comprehensive self-care.

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