Katy Perry’s morning wellness routine includes cold dips, rinse drinks, and exercise


Katy Perry is always doing something. Currently she is a judge on American Idol and she’s getting ready for a big stage debut at Resorts World Las Vegas. Although this alone seems to take his time, the Hot and cold the singer always makes room for personal care.

“The first thing I do when I wake up is a little verbal ritual. I do it every morning. I said to myself out loud, ‘Thank you, my God, for today. I’m grateful for every day, ”she said in a recent interview with WSJ Magazine. Then, she makes room for a stimulating play time with her daughter, Daisy, before breakfast with her husband, Orlando Bloom.

“We always start the day by listening Beautiful day by Bill Withers, ”Perry continues. “Dad and I have a few weird drinks or healthy concoctions in the morning before gorging on coffee. “On the menu for her morning concoctions: a niacin drink to keep the blood flowing or celery juice to” shake things up “.

Despite the star’s toned body, Perry admits she dreads the workout. “My exercise routine is halfway behind training because I hate working out. I always think to myself, “I’m so late, too bad I can’t do so much.” The guy who trains me says, “Yeah, that’s it. Currently in preparation for her big residency in Las Vegas next month, Perry says she goes to the gym three to five times a week. She also enjoys sauna sessions and cold dives to wake up in the morning. “We really like taking care of our telomeres, you know what I mean? ”

While she uses all of these wellness practices to keep her head straight, she also relies heavily on transcendental mediation. “I’ve been practicing it for about 10 years,” she says. WSJ Magazine. “For example, if I don’t sleep in the morning because Daisy decided to wake up at six o’clock, I can do transcendental meditation and find two extra hours in the day.”

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