Kick back, relax and meditate with the Soul music box

The soul as unique music Box designed to help you relax, unwind and meditate using over 250 carefully designed sounds delivering wild nature sounds combined with breathing light. SOUL is designed to play eight sets of natural sounds. All sounds are recorded individually from the original source. The recordings are made with professional equipment and perfected by sound engineers.

Early bird commitments at a special price are now available for the novel project starting at around $ 99 or £ 73 (according to current exchange rates), offering a massive discount of around 50% off the RRP, while Kickstarter crowdfunding is underway.

Soul music box sounds can be mixed to help you meditate

soul music box

– Alpha Wave: This mysterious but stress relieving sound can stimulate your creativity and relive your pressure.
– Breeze: gentle summer wind blowing outside your balcony. Recorded in an extended loop for better immersion.
– Fireplace: The soft smoldering sound of a charcoal fireplace at midnight.
– Rain: Refreshing spring showers. Refreshing raindrops gently land on your roof.
– Thunder: Thunder hitting the sky from a distance. The sound is designed so that it does not “hit” too close.
– Stream: Reclaim running water from a fresh stream. Relax in the peace of nature.
– Birds: The happy sound of birds chirping and chattering.
– Bell: The ringing of a remote bell.

“We didn’t know that life would end and we had to work from home. While there was a time when people wanted to get out of their homes to cut off the noise of the city and relax in nature. Listen to the gentle gusts of wind … the crackle of raindrops on the roof of the motorhome or even the crackle of firewood while the marshmallows are cooking … we are now at a stage where these ambient sounds have become a distant memory in the world. over the past two years.

If the Soul Music Box for Meditation and Relaxation successfully achieves its required engagement goal and production progresses smoothly, the worldwide shipment is expected to take place around January 2022. Read more about the Soul meditation music box project check out the promotional video below.

“Refreshing the ambiance of your home while you meditate, relax, work out or even take a nap, the SOUL Ambient Sound Generator brings the heartwarming sounds of sea waves or the soothing sounds of a forest. Featuring high-fidelity natural sounds that replace city noise, SOUL helps you fall asleep quickly. The sounds also help calm you down for your yoga routine and improve your overall well-being.

soul music box to relax

For a full list of all available campaign pledges, ambitious goals, additional media and engineering specs for the music box, go to the official Soul Crowdfunding Campaign page by clicking on the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

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