Lauv releases music video for “Kids Are Born Stars”

Multi-platinum singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Lauvjust released their new single and music video “children are born stars”!

This track is the third single from Lauv’s highly anticipated second album, All 4 Nothing, which should come out 5 August. In the music video directed by Hannah Lux Davis (Ariana Grande, Doja Cat), Lauv meets and connects with her younger self.

When Lauv started making this album, he was doing a lot of inner child meditation work.

“This song allowed me to reconnect with my 8th grade self and give it a little boost of confidence because Lord knows he needed it back then,” Lauv explained. “As an adult I had also lost touch with my sense of confidence and making that song and the whole album helped me reconnect with the person I really am.”

With this new album, Lauv focused on storytelling and created a unique work filled with moments of nostalgia, conflict and empowerment.

my album, All 4 Nothing, retains an energy of openness, wonder and excitement, but also vulnerability and reality,” says Lauv. “Hopefully this will open a vortex to something you haven’t felt in a while – a place you can build from.”

Via an Instagram post, Lauv also said, “I heard somewhere that as kids we were all born with this innate confidence and ability to be. stars of any right, but along the way, it’s easy to lose that as the world beats us down, and many of us forget. So I embarked on a journey to find my confidence and where my “starpower” came from. This included things like therapy, meditation (a lot) and, in the worst times, shortcuts to things like substances and alcohol. That being said, one of the most powerful things I have found is something called inner child meditation. Where you literally visualize yourself at a younger age and see what lessons, messages or journeys this young person might have for you. I literally had conversations with young Ari, at different ages, multiple times. One of them turned into the song “Kids Are Born Stars”, and much of the rest helped me find my north star throughout the album writing process and of life. sitting here today.

“I would say that I’m not completely healed (I don’t think one can ever be, and that’s not the point), but I found a deeper connection with the real me and I learned that confidence is about accepting yourself exactly as you are, playing to your strengths and moving through life intimately with yourself. I can’t wait for you to hear the rest of that journey on this album, but then I’m so excited for you to hear “Kids Are Born Stars” and watch the video.

You can pre-order his album, All 4 Nothing, HERE

If you want to see Lauv perform live, his North American tour begins August 11 with Hayley Kiyoko opening for all dates. To buy tickets, go to

Watch the clip of “Kids Are Born Stars” below:

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