Live Whole Health #125: Grounding exercise and connection with our senses

Life happens in this present moment. It does not exist in the future or the past, nor does it live in our minds. It lives and unfolds here and now. This grounding exercise practice will help you connect with her.

To connect to the present moment is to connect to our life. How do we connect to the present moment? The mindfulness technique helps us do this by constantly drawing our attention to what is happening here, right now.

Our senses are still functioning here and now. When we tune into our senses by paying attention to our sensory inputs – such as sight, smell, and sound – we immediately connect with the present moment and ground ourselves in the here and now.

The technique is very simple, and anyone can do it. In fact, we’ve all done it before and already do it every day. When we breathe in the scent of our favorite flower, when we look at the blue sky, when we hear a dog barking, we connect with our senses.

The practice of mindfulness provides an opportunity to interact with our senses intentionally. Join me in this brief three-minute grounding exercise that will guide you through a simple process of slowing down, breathing, and connecting with your senses. This can be done several times a day whenever you feel the need to take a break and reconnect.

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