Live Whole Health Blog #117: Social Connection

Social connection is essential to our overall health. When we live in harmony with others and through a shared community, our well-being is enhanced. Social bonds can be established through active participation with family, groups and communities.

A community can be your neighborhood, a spiritual or faith group, a VA support group, or any group that feels like a community to you. Connection to a larger community can be achieved when you leverage a shared experience. Opening our hearts and minds and truly listening to others allows us to connect with others around us can support and increase our sense of connection.

As we connect more with others around us through social connection, we learn to give ourselves the space to truly see and hear others. We can increase and improve our ability to connect with others through practices such as support groups and meditation.

Regular meditation can help release old patterns of thought and feeling. Mindfulness practice can help you observe thoughts and stories with fresh eyes. This skill can enable inclusion, hope, and the desire for goodwill for all, and can reduce separation and judgment.

In the circle of total health, the community encompasses all the other components, including family, friends and colleagues. Learn more here:

We invite you to join this brief movement meditation to embody social connectedness led by Tosha Ellis.

Learn more about how relationships can support your overall health here:

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