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Ishan Nadkarni, co-founder of Impact App, expressed his point of view in the interview series organized by MAGIC.

Aurangabad, November 30:

The “Impact App” was created with the idea of ​​whether a person can help the community in carrying out the process. Every step of the app is converted into money and used for social activities, said Ishan Nadkarni, founder of the Impact app. He was recently speaking in an online interview series organized by the Marathwada Accelerator for Growth and Incubation Council (MAGIC).

Ishan said the Impact is a health app launched in 2016, and every step taken in using the app helps raise funds for social causes. In the past 5 years, 2.5 million users have driven a distance of 90 crore km and contributed over Rs 190 crore through this app for social causes. Laying out his journey, Ishan said the app, which came up with a small idea and the motto “Get Fit, Do Well” has become an integral part of the lives of millions of people.

Today, many are addicted to cell phones and other electronic gadgets. We have converted this addiction for the betterment of individuals and society through our app. MAGIC Director Ashish Garde, CEO Rohit Auti, Head of Entrepreneurship Development Cell, Shreyash Educational Institution Anil Palve, Yogesh Tawde and Kshitij Chaudhary were in attendance.

Contribution to the social cause

Through the CSR project, more than 40 companies have helped various social causes such as girls’ education, women’s empowerment, healthcare, sanitation, environment, children’s rights and relief in the event of a disaster. The company is currently working on adding meditation, cycling and other workouts to the app in the near future, he added.

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