Maya Shenfeld shares new “Body, Electric” music video


Composer and sound artist Maya Shenfeld shared the new music video for “Body, Electric,” from her upcoming debut album In Free Fall, released on January 28, 2022.

A collaboration with visual artist Pedro Maia, known for his work with Vessel, Lucretia Dalt, Shapednoise and more, “Body, Electric” explores the album title “free fall” and the human body in motion. Filmed in the woods surrounding Berlin, the video’s slow refractive camera angles, the grainy texture of analog film, and Shenfeld’s twisted movements (a nod to his yoga and meditation practices) mirror the synth loops cascading and ballet of the track, contrasting the pure physicality of Shenfeld music.

Shenfeld explains, “I found parallels in Pedro Maia’s visual language with my own production process, experimenting with form, time and most importantly the analog processing that adds that thin layer of noise and grain – also a key element in the production of music. I like that collaboration with musicians is an integral part of his practice, and the way his work offers an expansion of sound works, making the listening experience, especially in the context of a live, immersive, inviting performance. the listener to get lost in time and space. “

Maia clarifies: “In this video, we respond to some of the concepts that Maya explores in In Free Fall, the idea of ​​being on the verge of a fall, the still movement, the three-dimensionality. The track has a somewhat romantic touch, a kind of playful reference to the Strum und Drang movement – and the dark forest echoes it. While the contrast, the nuances and the overexposure respond to the title of the piece: body, electric. “

Maya Shenfeld’s music is as powerfully evocative as it is surprisingly intimate. With a mastery of sound sculpture and a visionary approach to composition, Shenfeld has established herself as one of the most vital voices on the Berlin New Music scene. His work exists in liminal spaces, erasing the boundaries between electronic synthesis and organic sound as it draws inspiration from both classical tradition and underground experimentalism.

Every aspect of his production, from site-specific sound installations to works for new music ensembles and even guitar in punk bands, combines artful technical prowess with authentic, tangible expression of the soul. In Free Fall merges the grand vision of orchestral music with the granularity and intimacy of deep listening, exploring a tension between perfectly structured compositional architecture and the sheer joy of noise, grain and feedback.

Watch the new clip here:


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