Music can help modern workers in more ways than one


From relaxation and creative inspiration to helping with content creation, music is a tool to explore.

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Music and the arts in general are often seen as distractions from things like finance, although this can be a limiting perspective. According to this article by Inc. People who play music have been shown to have better than average long-term memories, are more mentally alert, and generally have good cognitive health.

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If you want to add a musical skill to your repertoire, train your mind for better performance, and save on lessons, then check out one of these online learning packs on sale for a new year, new you.

The ultimate guitar lesson pack for beginners to experts

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars by verified buyers, this collection of nine lessons covers strumming, ear training, and a wide range of effective guitar playing exercises for beginners. It also includes lessons in guitar playing genres such as jazz, blues, and bluegrass. Available to be revisited for future lessons, you can use these lessons as a benchmark for future content creation campaigns and your own personal noodle. Never before has it been so possible to explore your guitar-related interests from home.


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Get the Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lesson Pack for just $ 25.50 in the New Year New Sale.

The Learn to play piano and musical composition pack

For those with their eyes on the keys, these courses are for you. This set includes five lessons in music theory, piano playing, composition, and more. The piano is one of the most classic instruments, and being able to explore classical compositions and discuss them with others is a great networking tool. The bundle’s courses cover songwriting for beginners, music production, scales, chords and more. By the time you finish your first attempt at this ensemble, you should have a solid foundation as a pianist.

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The Complete Music Reading and Writing Master Class 2022

Even if you prefer quieter activities for your meditation, music can still be helpful. Writing and reading music is a fantastic exercise for the imagination, and people have been doing it for thousands of years. This bundle includes 11 courses in composition, reading notes, and other specialty areas. With the content here, you can start learning about movie and video tagging, sound design, etc.

Get the Complete 2022 Music Reading and Writing Master Class for just $ 25.50 in the New Year New Sale.

Skoove Premium Piano Lessons

Another fantastic home resource for those who want to learn the piano, Skoove takes a really interesting and modern approach to music. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on the App Store, this program uses AI technology to teach you to play songs with different lessons, exercises and games. It offers over 400 lessons and thousands of instructional videos. Its success has been cataloged by Apple, Forbes, The Guardian and other trusted publications.

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    Entrepreneurs believe daily reading is the key to success

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    Warren Buffett spends most of his day reading books

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    Warren Buffet spends up to six hours a day reading books

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