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Between mezzo-soprano singer Roksana Zeinapur and guitarist/producer David Labovitchthe music industry has a duo best known for combining their strengths to create a unique style and edge.

Best ranked by Lana Del Rey meets pink floydmusic Group Zeinapur consists of singer Roksana, originally from Latvia via Tajikistan, and David from the UK. Together they have taken over the LA music scene, having performed at iconic venues like The Viper Room, El Cid and SoFar Sounds.

Photo credit: Zeinapur Instagram account @zeinapur_official

Rachel has also taken her talents to other entertainment venues, performing at places like the prestigious Lincoln Center and being awarded as a finalist in Graz, Austria’s famous Meistersinger competition. David delved into the cinematic side of entertainment, composing the music for the comedy horror film Dementia Part II and, as a guitarist, he was a finalist in the Guitar Slinger Showdown competition.

We sat down with the band to find out how they started working together, the inspiration behind their new single, “Hold The Stars In Your Arms” and what they want fans to take away from listening to their music. .

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Photo credit: Zeinapur Instagram account @zeinapur_official

Celebrity secrets: How did you meet and discover a partnership in music?

Zeinapur: “Roksana is an opera singer and David is a rock guitarist, and we met through his sister Rachel who is a classical singer. Roksana approached David in the fall of 2019 to collaborate on an album by crossover classical meditation music. Roksana envisioned floating ethereal vocals and ambient guitar. As we worked together, it became apparent that we were writing something very different from what we had originally planned. Eventually , our musical collaboration turned into a romance, and in the spring of 2020, we found ourselves quarantining together and writing a ton of music. It all happened very organically, and in the summer of 2020, Zeinapur was a band in their own right. We released our first EP in the fall of 2021 and haven’t looked back since!

CS: They say your sound is a mix between Lana Del Rey and Pink Floyd – what do you think of the comparison?

Z: “Lana Del Rey meets Pink Floyd is a perfect description of how Roksana and David’s musical journeys come together. Roksana’s vocals bring a touch of old world glamour, with a leaning towards melancholy and nostalgia, and David brings a sense of 70s guitar heroism and progressive/classic rock.

CS: Roksana, how was it at the prestigious Lincoln Center?

Roksana: “It was a wonderful experience. I was singing with Teatro Nuovo, a New York-based company that specializes in Bel Canto opera performed with period instruments. We played an opera called La Straniera at the Rose Theatre, which has a more intimate atmosphere, and the acoustics were superb.

CS: What has been a monumental moment for you and your career so far?

Z: “In the clip for ‘Everything Is Yours’, we collaborated with a young dancer Iyana Monet, in an incredible video in which she perfectly materialized the essence of the song. After the song was released, Iyana was made tattooing “Everything Is Yours” on her arm. It was such an honor to see her immortalize our music in this way.”

CS: Roksana, what was it like to be a finalist in Graz, the famous Austrian Meistersinger competition?

A: “I was studying at AIMS in Graz and I was able to participate in the competition, which was difficult but also very rewarding. There were several rounds of auditions and we were able to sing in this beautiful baroque church. It was like something out of a movie.

CS: David, tell us about your experience as a finalist in the Guitar Slinger Showdown competition.

David: “It was a crazy first experience being sent to another city to compete in a national guitar competition! I also had the opportunity to perform at the iconic MoP (Museum of Pop Culture) in Seattle, which was definitely a memorable experience.

CS: David, what was the experience behind creating the music for the film Dementia Part II?

D: “It was an amazing experience. I must have written so many different styles of music for one movie. From Hitchcock’s “Psycho” style horror strings to 80s synth rock and even a folk song! The film turned out to be a real gem and a cult classic.

CS: Tell us more about your single “Hold The Stars In Your Arms” and why it focuses on those who feel ignored and want to find their voice.

Z: “The song is about David – he was going through a tough time, and Roksana wanted to give him support and encouragement, so she wrote this song. David laid out the chord progression and Roksana came up with the melody and lyrics, so it was a collaborative process. Hold The Stars In Your Arms is about believing in your own power despite self-doubt and insecurity, and even though it’s written to a specific person, we wanted the message to resonate with anyone at taken with self-confidence. You can listen to the song on streaming platforms here.

CS: Besides wanting fans to believe in themselves, what would you like your listeners to take away from your music?

Z: “As musicians from totally different backgrounds, we take a risk in combining our respective works in opera and rock to create something new. We hope that by allowing ourselves to go into uncharted territory, we invite the listener to believe in the power of their own uniqueness and to take their own risks.

CS: What general message do you want listeners to receive when listening to your music?

Z: “For us, being musicians means learning to connect to the deepest, most authentic parts of ourselves, and through this we hope to connect to the deepest, most authentic parts of our listeners.

CS: Is your single “Hold The Stars In Your Arms” a taste of what’s to come in new music?

Z: “We believe our music is always moving in a direction that exemplifies and showcases our unique and distinct musical backgrounds – we’re always looking for ways to explore those differences while making the music work for us as a band and for the listener, Hold the Stars in Your Arms is definitely indicative of our music to come.

CS: Since we are Celeb Secrets, can you share a secret about yourself?

D: “I started fencing this year! It’s something I chose because I wanted a form of exercise that felt more like a game. I’ve been to a few tournaments already and it’s starting to be a part of my life!

A: “I was born in Riga, the capital of Latvia, a city that few people have heard of, and this is the title of our next single, which you can save here.”

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