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Post Malone’s “Twelve Carat Toothache” album cover

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Post Malone

Post Malone’s highly anticipated fourth studio album, Twelve karat toothache, comes across as a solid and mature effort. The nine-time Grammy® nominee is set to kick off his North American tour, the Twelve Carat Tour, on September 10e until November 15e. Local dates include Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia, PA) on October 6ePrudential Center (Newark, NJ) October 7eand Madison Square Garden (New York, NY) on October 12e.

This new album is more coherent and refined. At the same time, it is less vulgar and lacks sharpness, which may sometimes seem too commercial. It’s apparently a crossroads for artists as they become more mainstream, which is especially applicable as Post Malone enjoys more success and notoriety than ever before. Lyrically, the content of this effort juxtaposes between pain (“Lemon Tree”, “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol”) and pleasure (“Wrapped Around Your Finger”, “I Like You”). Overall, it’s a solid effort, with many songs seemingly designed to be performed live. Recommended: “I love you (a happier song)”.

Conan Gray

Conan Gray Album
Conan Gray’s “Superache” album cover

super evil is the second album from YouTube star-turned-pop star Conan Gray. Gray has built a fanbase by being vulnerable and always exposing his raw emotions. Very relatable, this new album shows maturity and greater emotional depth. super evil manages to be very poetic and admirable lyrically while being extremely catchy in terms of production. Dating in the digital age is very dysfunctional, especially with social media giving you all the wrong advice, like avoiding dating your friends you already have a connection with or acting like you’re not interested in someone when you really are.

Overall, today’s society sets you up for failure in relationships. Fortunately, Conan Gray sings all about it, which is a very cathartic effort for Gray and listeners. “Footnote” is about being mistaken for a couple with someone you yearn to be with but can’t openly express it. “Family Line” is about growing up with a hostile father and a mother who is in denial. “The Exit” is about dealing with negative emotions towards oneself, namely self-loathing and jealousy. Recommended: “Best friend”.

Calum Scott Album
Calum Scott 2022 “Bridges” album cover

Calum Scott

Bridges marks the highly anticipated second album from British import Calum Scott. In 2015 after appearing on England has an incredible talent, Calum went viral for his cover of Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own” and signed a recording contract with Capital Records despite not winning the competition. In 2018, Calum released his first album Simply human, which has been certified silver in the UK and gold in the US and Australia. In 2018 Calum opened for Pentatonix and earlier this year The Script, arguably a much bigger tour to take on.

Today, just after the release of BridgesCalum kicks off his own headlining tour which includes a local show in Warsaw (Brooklyn, NY) on September 1st. Calum Scott sounds his best ballads and this new effort brings out his best while incorporating solid up-tempo tracks. “Biblical” and more so “If You Ever Change Your Mind” do an amazing job of showcasing Calum’s skills as a singer, which have only improved since his last album. “The Way You Loved Me” is one of the best, if not the best track on the album. Lyrically, the song is about a lover who falls in love and coldly moves on, and from the lyrics to the vocals to the production, listeners can feel the emotions beautifully. “Cross Your Mind” wonders if a former lover still thinks of him while “I’ll Be There” is proud to be there for someone unconditionally. Overall, this is one of the highest quality albums available today. Recommended: “Boys in the street”.

Album Alanis Morissette 2022
Cover of the album “The storm before the calm” by Alanis Morissette 2022

Alanis Morissette

The storm before the calm is Alanis Morissette’s tenth studio album and a unique effort at that as it is considered a meditation album. The album is available on streaming services as well as the meditation and mental health app, Calm. In an age where attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, with the average song length decreasing to go along with it, it’s refreshing that each song on this album is five to twelve minutes long.

Currently, Alanis is embarking on the Jagged Little Pill Anniversary Tour which included a recent stop at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel. Recommended: “heart – power of a tender heart”.

Will Love’s Top 5

  1. Post Malone & Doja Cat – I Love You (A Happier Song)
  2. Jack Harlow – First Class
  3. Lizzo – About fucking time
  4. Nicky Youre & Dazy – Sunroof
  5. Calvin Harris featuring Dua Lipa and Young Thug – Potion

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