My Little Pony Sleep Story launched on the Calm Kids Meditation app

Calm Kids has a new sleep story starring My Little Pony’s Pipp Petals, just in time for the clocks to change to Daylight Savings Time across the United States.

A brand new sleep story for kids is available on Calm, with Sofia Carson reprising her role as the voice of Princess Pipp Petals in the latest My little Pony movie.

Calm is an app that provides content for sleep and relaxation, with a section dedicated to helping kids fall asleep. New My little Pony The story launched on March 10 and is now available in the Kids section, scheduled to be ready for US Daylight Savings Time on March 13. Putting clocks forward an hour can disrupt daily schedules, so parents might currently be particularly interested in an audio experience designed to help kids adopt a different bedtime routine. Calm’s press release also notes that March is Global Sleep Awareness Month.

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Princess Pipp, the merry pegasus pony at the center of Netflix My Little Pony: A New Generation, “soars under twinkling stars, exploring the scenic spots of Equestria and the history of Zephyr Heights” in her Calm story. Carson shared her thoughts on reprising the role, saying, “I’m extremely happy to bring the voice of my beloved Princess Pipp to Calm, so that together we can journey into a restful night’s sleep filled with beautiful dreams.”

The Calm app was launched in 2012, with Calm Kids, “vertical mental wellness content for children and families available exclusively in the app”, added in 2021. The focus on producing for kids has was triggered by the difficulties the children and their parents were having after a stressful year under the shadow of the pandemic. Beyond My little Pony, other properties explored by Calm Kids include Minions, Peppa Pig and the Trolls universe.

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My Little Pony: A New Generation is a reboot of Hasbro’s popular cartoon series from the 1980s. In each incarnation, a cast of characters consisting of colorful ponies, unicorns, pegasi and other friends embark on adventures and learn kindness and pleasure, often to the rhythm of joyful original songs. The franchise also still includes a corresponding toy line and other merchandise to tempt both kids and collectors.

Although Calm has content available for free, full access to the app costs $69.99 per year or $400 for a lifetime subscription. More information can be found on the app’s official website[tldr_position].

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Source: Calm press release

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