Ness Wellness Rewards App Review

Throwing too much money at your favorite wellness brands? The Ness Rewards app will actually reward your spending in the name of health.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could earn wellness points like frequent flyer miles every time you charge your credit card for a yoga class or a grocery run? News flash, health seekers. It’s a thing !

Fintech company Ness has just launched the Ness Rewards app to finally help you get extra benefits on your wellness spending.

Being healthy shouldn’t be expensive. But it’s easy for the costs to add up when you have a gym membership, meal deliveries, and an online meditation subscription. This shit is getting expensive. And let’s be honest, we all love a good gift after spending money.

Here’s how the Ness Rewards app works:

  1. Connect your current credit cards to the app.
  2. Spend money as usual on wellness brands and services to earn points.
  3. Redeem points in the Ness Market for wellness products, services, experiences, and healthcare professionals.

Finally, the folks at Ness say you’ll earn points for anything that’s considered “healthy action” – including fitness and doctor appointments.

The app is also invite-only and only available for IOS (sorry for Android!). But you can request an invitation.

If you’re an Android fan, no worries. Ness says an Android app will likely be available in late 2022.

Right now, you can spend your hard-earned points on services and items from popular wellness brands. Some notable brands include:

  • Barry’s Bootcamp
  • Everly Health
  • Four Sigmatics
  • Galileo Health
  • Ginger
  • GoodRx
  • Head space
  • hungryroot
  • shimmer
  • Name
  • A medical
  • Oscar Health
  • Oura
  • Pill box
  • Health Quartet
  • sweetgreen
  • Prosperous market
  • Integer30

Ness will also extend rewards to legitimate and exclusive health services such as health coaches, dietitians, therapists and doulas. (Watch this place!)

Ness has big plans to disrupt the healthcare space and make it more accessible. Ness credit cards are also in the works for additional rewards and perks, which the brand says will even include medical benefits, supplemental insurance, and comprehensive health insurance. Cision PR Newswire reported:

“At the end of the day, we see credit cards as the best platform for consumers to get health insurance that will stick with them for 30 to 40 years, not just 3 to 4,” says D.erek Flanzraichm, founder and CEO of Ness. “When we can justify investing in long-term health now, it will lead to a healthier society with health plan incentives fully aligned for the first time.”

Request a Ness Rewards app invite here to get listed!

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