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the Sound works The app with technology developed by Spatial Sound Institute has been designed to provide 64-channel spatialized audio meditative works and lessons for users.

Created from the partnership between Soundworks and the Spatial Sound Institute, the app is designed to explore how to improve the way users listen by revitalizing well-being with a mindful sound experience.

The audio tracks were originally made and recorded in fully spatialized audio and intended to be played on a 64-channel 4DSOUND system, but the partnership meant that the work was converted to an Ambisonic stereo format.

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The audio included in the app was composed by sound artists Daniela Gentile and Edo Van Breemen.

“We wanted to offer a spatial experience that has an aesthetic dimension but is also functional for meditation,” explains Paul Oomen, director of the SSI and founder of 4DSOUND.

“It’s an amazing experience to meditate on these tracks,” says Quentin Notte, founder of Soundworks. “You listen from the app with regular headphones, but feel completely immersed in the space.”

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The features will be available on the app from February 17 accompanied by a conversation with Paul, Daniela and Edo, covering the technology behind spatialized audio.

Download the Sound works app here.

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