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From MarketWatch:

I’ll have $ 5 million for retirement when I sell my dental practice next year, but my wife and kids don’t want me to retire: Retirement can be emotional, and not just for the individual.

When should I claim Social Security? The dilemma and the strategy: So many factors go into deciding when to start Social Security benefits, and the wrong choice can have dire consequences for how much someone ultimately receives.

A plan for aging in place: how we transform our home into our “forever home”: Many Americans want to stay in their homes, but it takes a lot of planning – for finances and home improvements.

Also on MarketWatch:

Want to earn 7.12% on your emergency fund or other sluggish cash?

“Until now, I have been a waiter at the table”: I am 32 years old and I have just started a new job in a factory. I have a 401 (k) and an emergency fund. What can I do to retire at age 55?

We’re 58, saved $ 1.3 million and two homes, but ‘I’d give myself a B- grade’ for retirement planning

“A well-balanced ending”: how I said goodbye to my 60th birthday in the United States for a new life in Italy

The 15 best islands in the world to retire

New to investing and don’t know where to start? Try this approach

7 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids That Will Make Them Better With Money – They’ll Thank You Later

How much do retirees want to consume?

More info on the retreat:

Biden’s retirement income and inflation tax (the Wall Street newspaper)

How to plan a long retirement (The New York Times)

The floodgates of Democratic retirement have just opened (CNN)

Critical Politics: What’s Behind the Capitol Hill Retirement Announcements? (Los Angeles Times)

Don’t overlook these 13 financial factors in your retirement plan (Forbes)

SSA early retirement offers attract less than 200 employees (Federal Information Network)

Research and overview:

How do expenses really change in retirement (ThinkAdvisor)

Almost a third of young workers make a serious retirement error (The motley fool)

The report suggests ways to improve retirement preparation (Plansponsor)

COVID Didn’t Make Baby Boomers Retire (Boston College Retirement Research Center)

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6 ways to give back in retirement

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A couple who earns $ 220,000 a year with almost no debt thinks they can never have enough – how can they see it any other way?

The 66-year-old man ended up living in a van 18 years ago. Now he’s turned his lifestyle into a lucrative video business

Social security, health, taxes, savings: key figures to remember for Americans in 2022


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