No room for a home office? How about a “cloffice?” “


Zillow has come out with its annual home design and decorating trends, both for young looking buyers and homeowners who stay put.

Zillow has come out with his annual home design and decorating trends, both for young looking buyers and homeowners who stay put, and he says home trends that are set to rise in popularity in 2022 are those that make a home a place to flourish, to feel comfortable and calm, safe and healthy.

The renovations are great.

Like last year, a home office is on many wish lists. But not everyone has the extra space or can afford to hire a contractor to trim it, although they can get a contractor to call back their call now. So Zillow says he’s noticed that some owners are getting creative.

For example, with the “cloffice”.

“You get rid of the old clothes lying around in a closet in your house. Maybe you have a spare that’s empty and not being used. You put your desk and a light in there and you work with the doors open, and you have a desk, ”said Haley Mills of Zillow.

For actual renovations, a Zillow survey of homeowners found that nearly three-quarters would consider at least one home improvement project within the next year. They include finishing a basement or attic, adding another room, or fitting out another accommodation, such as a cottage or guesthouse, in the backyard. All of these add to the resale value.

On the decorative side, ottomans will replace more coffee tables, more nubby fabrics will replace leather and wallpaper is making a comeback.

“Just as’ 90s fashion is back, retro design is back. But they will add a touch of modernity. Wallpaper is back in fashion, but it has a contemporary twist and geometric patterns that almost look like paint, but can be installed very easily, ”said Mills.

Sustainability will also be a top priority for young homeowners, who Zillow says will be looking for features and products that allow them to live up to their values.

Mental health in the home is also becoming a higher priority, such as reading nooks, private spaces for meditation and spa-like bathrooms. The same goes for features more suited to animals, such as a fenced yard, dog park, and even pet playrooms.

Zillow’s Home Trends 2022 Report is online.

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