One Night Only Experiential Performance by Alicia Keys interweaving music, meditation, movement, art and technology at


Hosted by Superblue, Therme Art and neurotechnology pioneer MindMaze, a secret party marked the launch of a new series of MYND experiential programs, designed to reveal how the arts can promote well-being in body and mind.

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Miami, Florida, December 2, 2021 ( – Last night at a special one-night-only event hosted by Superblue, Spa art, and pioneer of neurotechnology MindMaze, Alicia Keys led over 600 guests through an immersive guided meditation and musical performance at Superblue Miami. Known for her timeless songs, witty musicality and activism, the 15-time Grammy®-winning singer / songwriter / producer has always focused on elevating her audience and has increasingly focused on performance. mental health and meditation in his personal and professional life.

Presented during Miami Art Week, Secret eveningée presented MYND Experiences, a new series of neuroscience-based experiential programs developed as part of Therme’s joint venture with MindMaze, exploring how neurotechnology can be used in art, architecture, design and music to create dynamic environments that advance mental and physical well-being. The next program in the series will be a multi-sensory musical experience based on this performance and incorporating MYND technology, launched at Superblue Miami in 2022.

Secret eveningée open at 7 p.m., with guests invited to explore pre by DRIFT, an interactive upside-down landscape of hanging mechanical flowers that perpetually bloom in a symbiotic response to the movement of the people below. Keys led a guided audiovisual meditation session corresponding to the installation, using rhythm and sound to align body and mind with the environment and bringing participants to a deeper state of consciousness.

At the end of the session, guests moved into a second installation in Superblue by art collective teamLab, where a set of responsive artwork –Flowers and people, cannot be controlled but live together – transcending borders, A whole year per hour, intertwined with Universe of water particles, transcending borders –animates perception while exploring the concepts of time and the relationship between individuals and their environment. In this space, Keys performed live, enveloping guests in a multisensory experience. The 75-minute set, including new music from his upcoming album KEYS (released December 10), created a dynamic interaction between the artist and the artwork by teamLab, with each movement of Keys being affected and superimposed by the projections of the artwork.

The evening also included remarks from the event’s organizers, including Mikolaj Sekutowicz, CEO and Curator of Therme Art, Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst, CEO and Co-Founder of Superblue, and Tej Tadi, Founder and CEO of MindMaze.

“Throughout my life, I have always wanted to push the boundaries and make music that exposes the deep connection we have with each other! The arts always make you see the world with new eyes, ”said singer-songwriter Alicia Keys. “This one-night-only show was a beautiful demonstration of how the arts and wellness can come together to foster deeper awareness and explosive pleasure at the same time. I am delighted to collaborate with Therme Art, MindMaze and Superblue and participate in the launch of such a revolutionary initiative as MYND Experiences.

“Combining meditation, sound, visuals and neurotechnology, Alicia’s performance last night created a 720-degree experience infusing and encompassing the senses for the participants. The gathering launched a new program of MYND experiences, designed to spark awareness and discourse on how we can create healing spaces through visual arts, architecture and cultural engagement, ”said said the CEO and co-founder of Therme Art. Mikolaj Sekutowicz. “Therme Group is dedicated to a focus on personal well-being, and we are delighted to partner with artist, creator and mental health protagonist Alicia Keys, leader of MindMaze neuroscience and pioneer of Superblue experiential art to produce holistic experiences. “

Tej Tadi, Founder and CEO of MindMaze said, “The interactive and adaptive environment created by Alicia’s immersive meditation session and musical performance embodies the multimodal platforms that MindMaze is dedicated to developing for the improvement of our collective mental health. Our launch of the “MYND” Experiences with Therme Art at Superblue Miami reflects our shared ambition to create cultural experiences, spaces and resources that advance a holistic approach to improving mental wellness on a global scale. “

Co-founder and CEO of Superblue Mollie Dent Brocklehurst added: “Secret eveningThe activation of DRIFT and teamLab’s installations at Superblue created a vibrant audiovisual environment rooted in these artists’ messages about creating harmonious and healthy relationships between themselves and the world around us. Superblue’s mission is to amplify the role artists play in our well-being as individuals and as a society, and we are delighted to continue our collaborations with Therme Art and MindMaze.


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