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Producer Mr. Suresh Bhanushali marks the details of his new music industry introduction Photofit Music Bhakti.

“Photofit Bhakti is another extension of Photofit Music, with devotional songs that bring you closer to the path of Bhakti”.

“Contributing to music in various genres and playing a role in the Punjabi, Haryanvi music industry, we are now stepping into providing a new platform for spirituality and devotion on behalf of Photofit Bhakti” , adds the director of Photofit, Mr. Rajiv John Sauson.

On this occasion, we observe that many passionate devotees stay conscious all night and sing bhajans.

Stating the morality of the occasion, Director of Photofit Mr. Amit K Shiva, adds on bhajans, different performers connect their feelings and devotion by creating bhajans and giving voices to spirituality, for their upliftment, a of these platforms is Photofit Bhakti.

Photofit Bhakti is distinguished by the commitment it undertakes for each of its artists and devotees, as Devotion can lock into your life broader terms of positivity that restore hope and optimism, in service of a solicited approach to life, says Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, Director, Portrait-robot.

Mahashivratri has been categorically observed in the country by Hindus. The occasion takes on extraordinary significance through the fanciful stories, drawn from history.

On this day, devotees of Lord Shiva express their devotion by associating with the devotional sections. They perform pooja with offerings to Shivji, on shiv Linga – a phallic statue, addressing the raw strength of Shiva. For devotees, Shiva is an incredible source of celestial energy.

Further, Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, Director of Photofit, adds details about Photfit Bhakti, listing the benefits and exclusive spiritual content held there. The channel has positive sounds on Vedic mantras, devotional chants, Aarti and other spiritual chants for an optimistic approach to devotion.

Shiva is a space of deep calm and tranquility where each of the exercises of the psyche collapses, says Mr. Rajiv John Sauson. This space is accessible wherever you are. The second you focus, you see there is Divinity present everywhere. This happens in meditation.

This is what happens with Shivaratri: being aware within and resting within.

Also, Mr. Rajiv John Sauson talks about Photofit Meditation – Musical Quest for All Walks of Life. To enhance your meditation experience, Photofit Meditation brings you this wonderful experience.

Flawless and golden is synonymous with Photofit Music, Producer Mr. Suresh Bhanushali, Photofit Music, branded “we believe that meditation and productivity should prevail over your hectic lifestyle”.

Furthermore, Mr. Suresh Bhanushali adds that Photofit Music is a unique platform available that offers countless options to stream relaxing music of all genres”.

So on this Mahashivratri, offer prayers to Lord Shiva and seek eternal peace and prosperity, grow in the path of success with his preachings.

At the time, the director, Photofit Music Amit K Shiva, explains An old-fashioned text with Lord Shiva, on the best way to live in happiness, is;

Truth, Satyam

Fool, Shivam

Magnificence, Sundaram

They inspire you with these perspectives in all circumstances, when life is not blushing.

Hence, Mr. Suresh Bhanushali, Producer, Photofit Music Bhakti signs the closing marks stating, “This Maha Shivratri by sharing with Maha Shivratri devotional wishes for your family, companions, friends and relatives”.

Photofit Music Bhakti:

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