Platoon Brings Stretching and Meditation to Delta Inflight Entertainment


Platoon and Delta hope to reduce the stress of the flight.

Delta Airlines

Delta and platoon team up for take the Peloton courses in the air. Long flights can be cramped and stressful, and the new partnership should offer some relief to Delta customers. Don’t worry, the person sitting next to you won’t start cycling halfway over the Atlantic.

Peloton said the new classes would be available on “all Delta Air Lines flights equipped with seat entertainment in the world”. Led by Peloton instructors Anna Greenberg, Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Ross Rayburn, Matty Maggiacomo and Adrian Williams, classes focus on mid-flight stretching and meditation. They are designed to help you stay flexible, relax, and maybe even fall asleep during your flight.

We’re not sure how the stretches will work in the neighborhoods near the trainer class, but anything that can help relieve the stress and muscle cramps of the flight is a welcome change.

Peloton did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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