Pupils at Pantysgallog Primary School go digital with an app

Pupils at Pantysgallog Primary have been busy designing a new app called ‘MIHealth’ which aims to promote wellness and health in their daily lives.

The wellness app includes tips, challenges, and tools to improve wellness. The students designed the app to provide a wide range of activities specifically for students by students. There are mindfulness activities for calm and relaxation, but the app also includes awesome technology like augmented reality to bring fitness routines and artwork to students in their classroom and at home.

The initial vision for the app came from students discussing how being a Silver Rights Respecting School identifies the importance of investing in their overall well-being. They then worked with Value Added Education and developed an app that was suitable not only for students at the school but also for the community.

Principal Darren Thomas said, “We are extremely proud of the work done by the students of Pantysgallog, working with value-added education experts, to design their very own health and wellness app, MiHealth. Over the past two years, we have taken a strategic approach to becoming a school where health and well-being are at the heart of everything we do, supporting our students and staff. The work of our students, involved in this project, gives us the ability to support the well-being of individuals, who have access to the devices, around the world. The project educated our students on how they can take care of their own well-being, while improving their digital proficiency levels. It was a great success.”

The school held a virtual event yesterday to showcase its new app and counselors were invited to attend. Chief of Council and Cabinet Member for Education, Cllr Lisa Mytton, was present alongside Deputy Chief, Cllr Geraint Thomas and Dowlais and Pant Ward Cllr Julian Amos.

Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Education, Cllr Lisa Mytton, said: “I have been so impressed with the students and staff at Pantysgallog for creating the MIHealth app. The app is perfectly designed for students, parents and residents to use, with content that improves their well-being and health in an engaging and accessible way. As a cabinet member for education, I would love to see more of this in our schools in the future. The pandemic has been an incredibly difficult time for many students and content like this is just one way to support them and others both at school and at home.

The vision of MTCBC’s RARS Education Strategy is to ensure mental and physical health support is available to every child and youth in the borough. This app is an example of enabling students to benefit from wellness and health through the use of engaging and informative digital content while developing digital skills at the same time.

Deputy Chief, Cllr Geraint Thomas said, “Seeing the incredible creative effort and intelligence that has gone into this app has really impressed me. Innovative ideas like this are what we need to move forward in supporting the county borough’s children, families and school staff. This app is an important step in helping students with health and wellness, which I believe is so important as we emerge from the pandemic which has been a difficult time for all of us.”

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