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In a neuroscience-based effort to combat the prevalence of alcohol abuse in the United States, Reframe’s app helps users build healthier relationships with alcohol. The app uses a comprehensive mix of CBT, progress tracking, and personalized assistance tools to help individuals change their drinking habits, helping tens of thousands of people to date.

Alcohol consumption has long been a part of the American way of life and culture. CDC study finds that more than 60% of Americans drink alcohol regularly, among adults 18 years and older, 5.1% drink a lot of alcohol (on average more than 14 drinks per week for men or more than 7 drinks per week for women).

While the consumption of alcohol is generally accepted socially, even encouraged, it is clear the significant damage that can result from the consumption of alcohol. According to Forbes, in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans had the greatest [alcohol] volume gain in the United States in nearly 20 years, triggering a massive increase in alcohol consumption.

As Vedant Pradeep, co-founder of Reframe, explains, the pandemic has brought to light an already major problem in America: alcohol abuse. This, in turn, has led a growing number of people to re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol in an effort to make healthier lifestyle choices. With the help of his company’s app, many are better equipped to do so.

Alcohol Problems in the United States

“Like it or not, alcohol abuse negatively impacts millions of people,” Pradeep says.

“While there are certainly people who drink alcohol mindfully, many struggle with binge drinking and habitual drinking. In fact, more than 14.5 million people in the United States alone struggle with alcohol use disorders that negatively affect their relationships, work, education, and more.

Statistics make the dangers of alcohol abuse all too clear. According to the CDC, binge drinking causes more than 95,000 deaths each year in the United States. The World Health Organization reports that globally, alcohol contributes to three million deaths each year, in part because it is identified as a causative factor in more than 200 diseases, ranging from disorders of the behavior to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

“While there are genetic and environmental factors that can influence a person’s relationship with alcohol for better or worse, these tragic results depend largely on two key factors: the amount of alcohol consumed. and the consumption habits of the individual, ”explains Pradeep.

“These two factors tend to be the root cause of such problems.”

How Reframe helps people reduce their alcohol consumption

“A lot of people recognize that they are struggling with alcohol use, but they’re not sure where to turn for help,” Pradeep explains. “Going to a rehabilitation center can be too expensive or time-consuming, and seeking help from loved ones or traditional programs can be a source of shame for some. At Reframe we are looking to offer a more modern solution with our neuroscience based program which is very effective in helping people better manage their relationship with alcohol.

The platform does this with a wide range of tools to help users focus on their unique needs. Each user’s experience is guided by a personalized roadmap that helps them improve their habits using evidence-based tools like mindfulness and journaling. The app offers lessons and daily activities to develop skills and gain motivation through the power of neuroplasticity.

These tools are complemented by an on-demand toolkit designed to help users cope with current desires and challenges, such as visual-spatial games and resilience countdowns.

Tracking progress also allows users to see how changing their relationship with alcohol improves their lives, with the ability to track factors like money savings and health benefits. Responsibility Tracking guides users to keep their alcohol consumption within a weekly limit or set goals to eliminate alcohol use completely.

Create a community of support

While managing this progress through a focused app is certainly handy, Pradeep and the Reframe team didn’t want users to miss out on the sense of community support that is often so important in recovering from addiction and setting healthy goals. .

“People often feel alone in their struggles with alcohol abuse or addiction, despite studies showing that more than 22.3 million Americans have already recovered. Sharing these real-life stories, as well as providing an anonymous community where users can celebrate milestones or ask for help, is crucial in helping people trying to change and knowing that they are not alone.

In addition to anonymous and peer-centric community features, Reframe has also expanded its support options with its Thrive Coaching option. This robust feature gives Reframe users access to a certified recovery coach for individual and group sessions.

By pairing professional coaching with organized classes that promote other healthy habits, Reframe users are able to get the personalized support they need to achieve their goals, no matter where they live.

Create a healthier future

While the problems associated with alcohol abuse aren’t going to go away anytime soon, the introduction of tools like Reframe is helping to make a difference one person at a time. “People want to invest in themselves,” Pradeep says.

“There is little that can be a bigger investment in life than improving your relationship with alcohol. When you get the support you need to reduce your alcohol consumption, you can take control of your life and get on your way to achieving other important life goals.

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