“Regular exercise can boost immunity”


Nagpur, September 25

CP & Berar ES College hosted a one-day national webinar on “The Importance of Exercise for Improving Fitness” on Saturday.

The contact person was an assistant professor at the MGM Physiotherapy Institute, Aurangabad Dr Payal Dhawale. The Director, Dr Milind Barahate, and the Deputy Director, Dr JK Mahaja, were also present at the webinar.

In his speech, Dr Milind Barhate emphasizes the importance of exercise in this pandemic situation. Dr Barhate said that regular exercise can boost immunity. He added that mental health is directly linked to physical fitness. A healthy body has a healthy mind. He appealed to all participants to do regular yoga and meditation so that we can face tremendous pressure in this competitive world.

In his opening keynote, Dr Payal Dhawale gave a brief note on the basics of fitness, from the components of fitness, to factors affecting conditioning. Dr Dhawale briefly explained how, due to covid-19, players deconditioned their fitness. It explains how a proper exercise program includes a warm-up followed by an exercise and cool-down session. In her speech, she explains four pillars of the training principles of periodization, specificity, overload and individuality. In her presentation, she gave a brief note of the types of exercises that can be performed with the minimum equipment available in this pandemic situation. She explained how, with the help of her own bodyweight exercise, including bypass, scapula stabilization, lunges and squats, helps her restrict deconditioning. She also explained the importance of resistance band exercises for strength training. A large number of players, coaches, physical education teachers from across the country actively participated in this free online webinar.

HoD Physical Education & Sports, CP & Berar ES College Dr Nishant Tipte coordinated the webinar.

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